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Tom Baker style TARDIS bedroom doors

Started by cdleeman, Mar 08, 2024, 04:41 am

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So for my bedroom me and my dad wanted to try to make my room into a classic TARDIS interior (specifically a Tom Baker or Jon Pertwee style interior) So we started with two wooden boards cut to fit the door way. 1000002348.png1000002349.png1000002346.png1000002343.png1000002345.png1000002344.png




The Doors are primed and starting the corner pieces. I used some extra sort of scrap pieces of wood we had in the garage to make them, so they are not just one long continuous board it's multiple together. And I made the little frame for the pull to open sign (There won't be an actual box for it. It's just a decoration)1000002375.png1000002376.png1000002377.png1000002378.png


I am just posting all of these months and months later if you were wondering how I was getting progress fast. But we made the doors and corners all primed up and I had this idea to make an illusion to make it seem like there was a bottom base piece.1000002384.png1000002383.png


Painted doors and paper light on top 💡



Yep.  Obviously I can't prove it one way or another, but if someone said an important design feature of the Newbery TARDIS (and a factor in the rework of the Barachaki) was to be shorter so it would fit in more sets and locations, I would not be surprised.  That pic really shows that if you want a TARDIS inside a modern house you've got to go with the Newbery. 
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