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Artex, yes or no?

Started by gerald lovell, Sep 24, 2011, 12:34 pm

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gerald lovell

According to legend, the original TARDIS was spotted in Artex to give a textured and patchy finish to the wood often seen in screencaps.  It is advisable to apply patches of Artex to a wooden police box which is outside and open to the elements?  Any advice on this would be gratefully appreciated.


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First it would depend on which model TARDIS you're building. The original Brachacki and Brachacki Modified were covered in Artex. I'm not sure, but the Newbery and Yardley-Jones boxes may also have been to keep that look of concrete the Classic series boxes had. Not sure how they textured the 1996 Movie box.

All versions of the New series boxes aren't textured in Artex. They're just painted wood, and you can see the grain, especially in the Smith box.

So, if you're building one of the Classic series boxes and texture it with Artex, if it's going to be outside a good coat of paint should protect the Artex beneath it. (Of course glopping on several, uneven coats of thick paint may provide the same look; then you wouldn't have to worry about the effects of weather on the Artex.) The bigger problem you'll have it with leaks and water getting in to cause rot. At this point I'll let those members who have built Classic series boxes that "live outside" chime in. They'll have far more to contribute on this.

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gerald lovell

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Thanks, Dino.  It is a modified Brackachi look I'm wanting to achieve and the "practice" using artex repair cover smothered with several coats of paint looks pretty convincing.  How that may stand up to the elements remains to be seen!



It's probably worth going to Purple and getting an opinion from him - I know he spent quite a lot of time trying to get the concrete effectof his box just right.
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?

gerald lovell

Thanks for the advice.  I am trying to recreate the finish of the (modified) Brachacki box as accurately as possible.  Looking at the screencaps, and with the experience of my trial run, it seems to me that the Artex needs to be troweled on and then smoothed out somewhat, probably by sandpaper, before applying the paint.


It might we worth emailing Artex.  As it's an indoor plaster I'd be surprised if it would last outside, even with plenty of paint on it.  I imagine it would absorb moisture.


A cursory glance on Google revealed that Artex have a version specifically designed for exterior use: http://www.artexltd.com/products/decorative_products/artex_textured_finishes_menu/artex_exterior_finish.aspx

gerald lovell

That's extremely useful to know.  Thank you very much for that information.



Hi, I'm new to this site but just thought I'd mention that I'm currently making a TYJ box and has mixed PVA with fine sawdust (From a belt sander) about half and half then dabbed it on the box liberally with an old brush. when dried I then sanded off the sharp bits with an orbital sander and it looks great!  good thing is it's completely sealed too. If I was making and earlier version of the box I'd probably have left the power sanding and just painted it. The thing about PVA and sawdust is that it looks like you've put loads on to start with but it will dry and shrink quite a bit. So the more the merrier!
All the best. :) 


Now that's a great way to do the texture!

gerald lovell

Thanks, type40, that's an interesting technique.