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TYJ Lamp Replica!

Started by Scarfwearer, Sep 09, 2011, 07:22 pm

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Thanks for the tutorial, Mark! This should help a lot of builders working on the lamp.



You're welcome,
I hope it inspires a few people to do it, because it can really help your confidence and boost the self belief you need to try bigger things when you have made something - which seems impossible or complicated, when actually is quite easy and a lot of fun too!
all the best guys.
living, learning, loving, refurbing, & preserving!


Well done Timerotor!
I will DEFINATLY be keeping a mental note of this for the near future!  ;)

Your box just looks beyond perfect in that picture! Are you sure thats not the real one?  :)
Also, seeing you in it gives it scale, and its brilliant!!!!