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Door Sign Reference

Started by Scarfwearer, May 14, 2009, 03:14 pm

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I think the font 'Gobold' is the what was used for the top and bottom of the Wyn Jones prop door sign.

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No disrespect meant, but I think we previously fairly definitely agreed the font was Antonio. Trust me, I spent a LOT of time overlaying text on images to make my version and it's a match. Gobold is very close, but I can tell the horizontal on the L is too long, and the 'hollows' or 'negative space' in letters like D P and O are too small.

Just to be sure (and double-check my results, which never hurts) I just downloaded the Gobold family of fonts, and even using Gobold Thin isn't right.

For reference: A composite image made from several photos of the PTO plaque, resized and perspective corrected, and overlaid to reduce differences:

Antonio for the top and bottom text (Estrangelo Edessa for the rest, with a Gill Sans &)

And this one is Gobold thin - close, but now I can also see the curves on letters like P and C aren't quite there.

I hope I haven't sounded too severe here,  and I'd like to acknowledge lofiscifi for matching the font.
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So as of recent we have another variant of the Jodie door sign. We saw this in Power of the Doctor and it's actually the door sign of the Master's TARDIS.

Decided to mock up this door sign, probably nowhere near accurate to door sign in the episode, but I think it's a neat kick starter for people who are willing to spend their time to create this door sign variant.

Master Doorsign.png


If only the Master had bothered to lock his TARDIS door, he might have actually won this time...

Angelus Lupus

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Interesting to note that the 'H's that replace the & symbols are visibly different from the other 'H's in those lines. To my mind, this confirms our theory that they are from a different font since that is exactly what it looks like if you just edit the text to HAHA, without changing the fonts already set. (plus a small horizontal shrink to fit the middle text in).
Minimum effort needed - and it doesn't even look like they had this one made in pressed steel, or raised text.

Anyway, here's what I got:


Edit: spotted a mistake - modified the image and re-uploaded.
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Addendum: For future reference, here is the sign as seen in the episode:


I see now that, as well as having flat lettering, this sign also has no handle on the frame. Can't see any hinges, either.
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scotland yard

And since you bring up stuff that is missing, you can also see the centre style is missing!
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Quote from: Angelus Lupus on Oct 25, 2022, 10:43 amAddendum: For future reference, here is the sign as seen in the episode:


I see now that, as well as having flat lettering, this sign also has no handle on the frame. Can't see any hinges, either.

Perhaps the lettering is flat because they didn't have the accessibility to have it sticking out like on previous TARDIS props, although you'd think they would be able to do that.


i hope these help when it comes to the sign and the box used for the masters TARDIS I got sent these images from the set from the set dresser during filming of the BoxF1A1A6A5-D975-43A2-B217-2728D9D0A7B0.jpg1B8EC35C-903B-4F88-AF3A-3EA332CF5FDA.jpg

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Quote from: The_TARD1Sman on Oct 25, 2022, 09:25 pmI got sent these images from the set from the set dresser during filming of the Box
You lucky so and so!

Looking at these much clearer pictures, it looks to my eye like the letters are cut-outs of card or paper? Or more likely a vinyl cutter, for convenience. I can see some wonky lines, some peeling, and a couple of A's that haven't had the hole cut out.
Couldn't tell that on screen, which just goes to show it was perfectly acceptable for the brief shots we got,and they didn't need to go to the expense of a 3D sign like for the hero boxes.

I'm guessing these images will also allow our experts to determine if this is one of the pre-existing boxes, or a new one (maybe a TPE build?)
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i have reason to belive its one of the flux boxes due to the middle post on the door being missing , specifically the box used for then the TARDIS is on its side and the doors are swong open in legend of the sea devils , which at the time i thought was the TARDIS that was in the floor in flux as that was a full box planted into the floor with a fake surround added to the roof i call it the FloorDIS  ;D  anyways. i belive its the floorDIS prop altered to look scorched and Burned its definatly neither of the 2 Heros Boxes used in Jodies era and The Up Coming 60th Boxes I & J as theyre still prestine and were last seen recently on strictly , i dont belive it would be a TPE box as those boxes are usually made from a fibre glass cast and when finished look distinctly diffrent to the on screen boxes in both design and dimensions


Useful insight on which prop was used.  And the set photo shows the wonderful ageing they have performed on the paint.  It takes me right back to the latter days of the original Brachaki box - where the paint had so many coats it had hidden many of the original design details.


Those are great pictures.
I too love the weathering and ageing paint job on that box.

Thanks for posting.



Not sure if anyone was in need of a mostly-accurate AWJ door sign, but I made one that seems to be accurate to the previously discovered font identities and placements.
Maybe someone wants to add it to the table, but if it just gets tossed around, I'm fine without receiving credit for it; it was relatively simple work either way.
There are so few colors that it fits on the site at a fairly high resolution, but if anyone needs a better copy you can certainly PM me.

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