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Door Sign Reference

Started by Scarfwearer, May 14, 2009, 03:14 pm

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Rassilons Rod

Having just done a lot of caps for the Newberry box, could I just suggest that the PDF for that requires a full stop at the end? :)

I couldn't possibly comment on a correct font though. Bill's good with those :)
In the cities in the streets there's a tension you can feel,
The breaking strain is fast approaching, guns and riots.
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins,
And the press get fed the scapegoats,
Public Enema Number One.


Did I do one?  I forget.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff

Rassilons Rod

Dunno mate, but I know you're usually good with fonts... aren't you? :)
In the cities in the streets there's a tension you can feel,
The breaking strain is fast approaching, guns and riots.
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins,
And the press get fed the scapegoats,
Public Enema Number One.


I work with fonts all the time and have to track them down every so often.  Since this is hand painted lettering, it's not the most consistent of fonts.  However on my plans for the Newbury, I did match as best I could using existing fonts to make the best approximation.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


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Bill, do you have a link to your Newbery sign? I can't seem to find that one.

And now to throw some discontinuity into the Phone Panel thing...

The 2010 TARDIS phone panel: Aside from having raised lettering, and also having light coming through it, I just realised that it has the phone mounted on the back of it, and from the inside that panel is SOLID and painted white just like the rest of the inside of the doors. So, how does that light get through the phone panel to the outside? Even if the panel wasn't painted white inside, it still has the phone mounted on it which would block most of the light, especially around the middle, yet on the outside of the phone panel light gets through uniformly.

I'm not only asking this question from the show and the discontinuity aspect of it, but I'm also asking from a practical aspect. Some people are building the 2010 box, and if they plan to have both a light inside it and the phone mounted on the panel, but would like the phone panel to have light show through it like it does in the show, how would it be done? EL sheet sandwiched between the panel the phone is mounted on and the outer phone panel with the signage?

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Quote from: Scarfwearer on Feb 06, 2010, 06:29 pm
I thought I'd put up the Newbery-like door sign that I used as a first version. I notice now that I used 'AND' instead of '&' in the spelling, so it's not strictly accurate, but it'll do as a placeholder until someone volunteers a better one.


The PDF is here: Scarfwearer's Newbery PDF.


Thank You Crispin =D

I've always wanted the Box from Perter Davison's Promotional Photos


using your template as a base I made this prototype image
or maybe this one ...

I don't think it's perfect yet but I hope someone might find it useful. I used Times New Roman and stretched some of the text until it looked about right. I used your original "Pull to Open" and then stretched that around.
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


Looks great! Many thanks!



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I think this is closer...
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


i have just done some figuring out from the wide shot of the ambulance in relation to the door and the ambulance logo in relation to the Matt smith door comes to the middle of the letter P in Public


Quote from: rassilonsrod on Aug 15, 2010, 10:41 amAny improvement on this would be great, also I would like to know the thickness the frame should be.

In case it's of use to anybody, I PDF-ified your TYJ sign (with an indication of where the frame goes) here:


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Oh, I so wish I'd had more money to burn.

A Police Post (original PA2 type) phone door with sign was just up on eBay (regrettably, I lost out to somebody with much deeper pockets) and though in pretty rough shape the lettering part of the sign was still there and fairly legible. Of particular interest, the lettering size, shape and spacing seemed a near perfect match for the Barnet box's sign!!!

Take a look -


Compare it to ironageman's pic of the Barnet box sign (taking into account the differences in dimensions of a Police Post vs a Police Box door) -


And then to this one in the old "Tell the Police" public service film -


They look to me to be nearly identical, even down to the ultra narrow "T"s, the funky narrow "H", and the huge space between "URGENT" and "CALLS".

Of particular note when you look closely at this new medium res picture (best the seller had) are the character shapes - though the letters are clearly based on Perpetua they do NOT perfectly match up with the currently available versions of that font. Besides the already noted differences on the "U", the "A"s continue on with a left-pointing serif like the "N"s and the "T"s don't have a serif portion above the top bar. There are other slight differences, but you get the idea.

My intention if I had won this door (besides preserving it and doing some paint layer archaeology) was to scan the sign so as to recreate it in Illustrator (including one with Police Box proportions), but a collector in Canada appears to have been the buyer. Nonetheless, even this medium resolution picture of a very beaten up door is the clearest picture to date of one of these older Barnet style signs.


How much did it go fir, must have somehow missed that one :(

The police post door and police box door (sign door that is) are of different dimensions, but looking at the pictures you have posted, looks as though the same lettering stencil (or whatever they used back then) was used but simply on different sized glass.

After having a quick look, all the lettering sizes and spacing match in relation to each other pretty much spot on. The only difference is the space between the edges of the panel frame and the lettering which would make perfect sence.

Good find mate.


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I had pretty much concluded they just used the same stencil as well, as the differences in edge spacing seemed to correspond perfectly with the differences in overall dimensions (Seller stated the door measured 12.5" x 14" x 1.25").

Went for £43.88 plus shipping - but that would have been more than the auction price alone as it weighs around 6 kg per the Seller! I was next lower bidder and don't know how high the Canadian collector had bid, but if it had been a month ago I could have gone as high as £100 plus the £50 or more to ship to the USA, but oh well.

Seller has another one for sale (not yet on eBay), but without the sign, unfortunately.


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On the subject of the stencils for the probably silk screened signs - it's interesting to see how haphazard the printers seem to have been with the alignment of the screen when printing.

The text on all three of these samples are aligned a bit off from each other on the pane, especially vertically, and they all seem to be slightly askew, running diagonally up a little from left to right. Most T-shirts have better consistency!

Proper image registration obviously wasn't important to them. I guess as long as you can read it, it was good to go.


Here's another shot of the door from the side -


Oh, I would have loved to have gotten my hands on that handle!