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Season 14 Console Panel Control Layouts

Started by Scarfwearer, Aug 24, 2011, 04:36 pm

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Quote from: warmcanofcoke on Apr 05, 2016, 01:34 pm
I'm certain that there were far fewer panels than you think.

Possibly not, Nate. We know of the two panels that have the orange rectangle buttons on the top row: one of those panels having small orange circle stickers on the left-most button of each row and the same orange circle sticker on three or four of the switches across the top; the other one having no orange circle stickers on anything; then there's the panel with the blue rectangle buttons on the top row (which might have been assembled backwards); then the "dummy" panel with the circle stickers (or painted circles) on it; one desk that we've seen on the main entryway side (overhead view from "Robots of Death"); and a desk on the opposite side of the main entryway that we've seen in "Masque of Mandragora", "The Hand of Fear", and "The Deadly Assassin". (And that covers all of the stories in Season 14 in which the console appears.)

The arrangement of the panels you have in your drawing correlates with how we've seen that console on screen. The second desk ("Robots of Death") is still speculation and the only time it's seen in that location, but the other panels with the buttons (including the "dummy" panel) have all appeared on screen, and in the places you have them in your drawing.

Quote from: warmcanofcoke on Apr 05, 2016, 01:34 pm
There was a Desk, there was a panel that started with a series of Orange rectangle buttons, there was a panel that had Blue rectangle buttons at the top and there was a cardboard panel with painted circles.

Ah... okay, I've just covered that - in advance. ;) But as scarfwearer said when he was building his replica, through his research into this little console, there were far more details put into it than we ever imagined!

Quote from: warmcanofcoke on Apr 05, 2016, 01:34 pm
The Prop guys didn't have enough money or time to build a full set - when a new panel appears in an episode I think part of the budget for that episode went to making it.

Probably, but in the end, we do have at least three panels with full buttons on them (or at least the cover lenses for the buttons). The "dummy" panel may have gotten some round buttons put in it if the console was also used in Season 15, but that we'll never know. For replicating that panel now, they do have either round lighted buttons, or plain round indicator lights, that would be perfect to make that panel more believable. (Part of me like the idea of having buttons to press and make them light up, and part of me likes the idea of them being just indicator lights that either blink randomly - as if to show some sort of computer activity a la 1960s Irwin Allen SF TV series - or having them light up when some of the buttons on the other panels are pressed. Not sure which way I'd go here: probably would have to flip a coin... and go for a two out of three. :))

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