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Scarfwearer's TARDIS

Started by Scarfwearer, Feb 10, 2009, 09:26 pm

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Scale? I'm guessing that by that you mean either accurateness OR how big you think and do in terms of builds, which I it's probably safe to say you hold both records, from what I've seen.
I did have a friend once who rented a warehouse for his driving school company, and built a "sort of" Hartnell console in the disused office in the back of it. All it really was was a fan-built console with a piece of ply-board with roundels painted on and stuck onto the back wall, it wasn't much, but it always gave me a certain rush when inside, it must be amazing for you to get that everyday lol :)
You got any other builds planned? I'm hoping to up-size slightly soon, after my Police Box is done, I hope to get around to building a Remembrance Dalek, and then also re-vamp my old K9 and maybe make the new TARDIS Scanner for my garage wall, something that has been in the making for a few days, not the most ambitious of builds but oh well. Also doing a Tom Baker scarf. Nothing fancy, quite inaccurate in terms of pattern and colours, but I think it looks good, I may post a picture soon somewhere. Only 8ish foot at the mo, so, after 4 years on the go, I think that's pretty poor, still got a long way to go to match yours yet ;)
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?


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I was only thinking of size, as my builds are not very accurate...

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Quote from: Scarfwearer on Feb 05, 2010, 09:26 am
Quote from: magepro on Feb 05, 2010, 02:44 am
K...  ???      That is absolutely incredable!
I have to ask... how did you do the 'splotichs' on the windows?  AND, that pic with the door open was... well, REALLY cool! How was that done?

Of course, you don't have to give away your secrets, but I just have to know.

The splotches on the windows are somewhat randomly applied matt black aerosol paint. I also used a little acrylic artists' paint mixed with alcohol and sprayed on - you need to do that with the window lying down, as it's runny.

D'you mean this picture?
The story behind that one is here: [ref topic=568]Scarfwearer's Console Room[/ref]...


and what an incredible backstory it is too (having read just about everything on crispin's site XD )
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Well it would appear that my TARDIS was finished 10 years ago this week! Goodness how time flies...
It seems like an excuse for posting a couple of new pictures anyway. :)
I also seem to have reached 1000 posts again with this very posting (though of course a lot of them were imported from the previous forums).

Happy building everyone!


That is an awesome shot. Curious, did you ever build a back side to your box? 

Also I noticed that you have the CRACK on the floor inside your TARDIS...... Ominous sign



That looks even better than where it was originally situated. The stuff around it really lends to the illusion that it's bigger on the inside, as though it is away from the wall some.


type 83

Quote from: geminitimelord on Jul 15, 2010, 02:04 pm
That is an awesome shot. Curious, did you ever build a back side to your box? 

Also I noticed that you have the CRACK on the floor inside your TARDIS...... Ominous sign

On the TARDIS interior floor?
Methinks it's a bit of cable


that is a fantastic shot! what sorts of chairs are those? they fit right in..


Great shot Crispin!
I love how it's tucked in the back of the room with various things stacked around it. 


great stuff there crispin. happy birthday to your tardis

wayne venomous

Very nice!

Wonder if I can convince the Mrs that we should build a full-size one?  ;D


any chance of you doing some entry footage for that one where it is now? it really does look like it is standing free of the wall with the inside being bigger on the inside.

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The Architect.


that is awesome. i love how you have it set up. fantastic job! ;D

Rassilons Rod

I'm not going to repeat myself, you know how much I love this ;)

But those last two images get the big thumbs up from me :)
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I actually hadn't seen these before.  I love how it is secretly an entrance to another room in the house which is done up as a Console Room.