Completly custom TARDIS and interior - Eve mk1

Started by jakaboomaddness, Sep 05, 2014, 08:24 am

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Hi, Guys.
Getting close to A-Levels but i thought you guys would like to see the little bit of modelling I've done over the Easter hols:
ctrl room 1 - 1.jpg
I'm trying to make a room that does the console justice, so i kind of went for a Eccleston/Tennant type of interior with the pillars and the hexagonal with hints of Hartnell and features from other interiors. Just hoping that this is the last change of mind I have so that i can finally finish this after so long.  ::)
ctrl room 1 - 3.jpg
Getting there with the rotor. I prefer the time rotor column of past Tardises, but i think the ceiling rotors (do they have a real name?) are pretty cool also, and look really good in the current Doctor Who Tardis.
ctrl room 1 - 4.jpg
Close up of the Fault Locator with the wall detail.
ctrl room 1 - 2.jpg
Inside the fault locator. More roundels. I wanted this to be more sterile than the more natural styled console room, hence the black and white colour scheme with the aluminium framing.
ctrl room 1 - 5.jpg
Looking out into the console room. I got rid of the space underneath the console that I had before. I don't really have any plans as of yet for what to replace it with so who knows, it may come back.
Hope you're all doing well.
Jak  :P


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This is looking really great, Jak! I love all of the integrations you've done. The whirligig on the current console could very well be termed a "Time Rotor" as it does rotate when the TARDIS moves through Time and Space. The central column connecting it to the console is currently just that: a central column; with the exception of that upper center spike that extends and retracts when the TARDIS is in flight (and which movement you can barely see through the lighted tubes), there's no real movement inside the outer cover, so it's just a column. Hartnell's Doctor also referred to it as just the Central Column. So for your console and room, I like to think the central column connects the console to the Time Rotor overhead.

As for your floor and what may be under it, if you leave the outer hexagonal floor grid as it appears - a mesh floor like in the 2005 console room - then at some point if you wanted to add a crawl space of sorts - somewhere between the really low space of the 2005 console room and the more-headroom space under the 2010 and 2013 console platforms - you can just lift up one of those mesh grids from the floor, walk down a short ladder, and access the circuitry under the console. You might need to crouch a bit (4-foot headroom?), but it would be a great effect and look really cool. (Just throwing an idea out there because it just hit me, and I didn't want to lose it.)

On the whole I love this, but first and foremost get through your A-Levels! You can figure out all this other technical stuff later when you don't have those hanging over you. We're in no rush. We'll still be here once you've kicked arse on your A-Levels!

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