11th Doctor's TARDIS Playset Customization

Started by whofan88, Jun 08, 2011, 08:28 am

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So when the toy playset was released without lights I initially didn't think it was worth getting.  I saw the added lights on the DoctorWhoToys website and thought I could improve on it but didn't buy it until I saw a video on making a light up Tron styled messenger bag using EL wire.  Then I finally broke down and bought it.  


So here is my first test with the wire running through the base.  I had to paint it because it was originally painted black.  Not at all like how it is on the show.  


I also added some foil to the sides of the console to bounce more light around underneath and ran a strand of EL wire around.  


This was a test for the down lights which were just 4 super bright white LEDs aiming downward.  


Here I was testing the EL wire now attached to the base with a hub and arms I made from a pill container cap and Popsicle sticks.  


Note the masking tape holding the wire up on the arms.  


Here are the two light systems together.


This is a shot of the wires running up through the base.  Its a mess.  I used telephone wire to connect all the EL wire strands branching out from the hub.  


The EL wire light system I wired up.  



And the LED system I made.  I had to make my own circuits.  I didn't use any existing kits with a battery pack.  I ran two blue LEDs downward to light up the time rotor and one facing up beneath the base; and added a bit of green lighting gel to give it the right hue.  


Here's the lighting rig from above.  


And lastly the final piece put back together.
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Oh very impressive!

How easy/difficult is it to work with El Wire?  Roughly, how much did the customisation cost?

Note: Here's the page whofan was referring to about putting lights into the console room playset: link


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Well in the states the EL wire kit I bought was about $20 I believe and the LED electronics I think ranged from $20-$30.  LEDs are expensive, at least from Radio Shack.  So over all I would say around the ballpark of $40-$50 USD which according to current conversions would be around 24.42-30.53 GBP.  

*Oh I forgot to talk about the EL wire.  It isn't very difficult if you have basic soldering skills.  There was a tutorial video which I found very helpful.  Here's the link. http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/12/how-to-tron-bag-with-el-wire.html
There's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes.

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