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Tardis Signs

Started by larry cain, Jun 06, 2011, 06:25 pm

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larry cain

I had a great idea while building my pint size solid Oak Tardis and it was about the signs. I thought I would use a vinyl wrap, with the wrap on my build it allows for the white letters to shine thru with some light. I used 1/4" cell cast acrylic, handles and cuts like lumber no melting edges or soft edges when drilling. Since it is see thru and having a wrap that was very cost effective for me a 20" X 3" cost $10.00 and he has it saved and can be made to any size later. I paid an extra $20 to have him put the wrap on all my glass, worse case is a bubble could happen if your not careful. 
I was very happy with the results, considering I am really a hands on guy who feels I would rather buy a tool and build it myself. I thought this was a good way to go. I was considering a router sign maker but it would be another sawdust collector 90% of the time.
Happy building,