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Looking for the slope angle for building a smaller Tardis

Started by larry cain, May 18, 2011, 06:49 pm

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larry cain

Looking for any help or ideas on a project that I am doing. This will be a scale down version of the Tardis and my only concern is the slope and angles of the roof. The rest is easy enough to figure out.
Any ideas or locations for this info would be greatly appreciated.
I am very new to this sweet forum.


When you scale plans, you just multiply each dimension by the scale factor. The angles will remain the same as the full-sized version.
It's usually easiest to build the steps and lamp housing, add cross-struts to hold the lamp housing in place, offer up your plywood or whatever you're using and cut to fit. Angles are hard to work with, as even tiny errors in measurement will easily result in 1/4 to 1/2 inch discrepancies.
The pitch of the roof will depend on which plans you're working to. Take a look in the [ref board=77]Plans[/ref] sub-board and scale one that you like the look of, or draw your own if you like.


larry cain

My plans are to build this in solid Oak so everything has to be perfect because I can't add fillers for gaps. I did find the formula under roofs and that is a huge help.
This is a great place for the right information
Happy building
Thank you very much!!!!!!