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Base Question

Started by notard4u, May 17, 2011, 01:09 pm

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Just started my build this week!!! :D

Have a question, though.  I'd like to make the base black--historically, (I think) it doesn't have any place in 'police box' history; however, it does appear in the earlier Baker props.  Also, I remembered that the light was a flashing blue beacon (not the regular fresnel style) mounted on a black platform/ long did this motif last (seaons/episodes)...any thoughts on this?  Has anyone else used the black base on their build?


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This would be a good place to start: It shows the base from several episodes/stories, and has the debate on the color. It also shows the blue rotating light on top, although the base the light is on is the same blue as the TARDIS.

Here's a quote from Rassilonsrod and 73mmhearse on the rotating blue light and when it was used:
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gust wanted to coment on the beacon. this past week i was watching The Armageddon Factor (1979/01/20 02/24) and the TARDIS had a blue rotating beacon. i thought it was a bit odd. now i know it happend more than once. anybody know the other stories it was this way?

Certainly Shada...

Edit: for Season 17, I can tell you that this lamp appeared on the box in Nightmare of Eden, Horns of Nimon and Shada. Before that they used the fresnel with the white housing (other than in Destiny of the Daleks) which had no lamp, cos it didn't fit when they put it on that rock in the cave entrance.


You can find that entire thread here:

I hope this was useful for you.

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Ahh, yes, I remember commenting on that Baker build.  Should it have had the black base?  Doesn't matter, (looks brilliant)...I was about 10 or so when Baker was the Dr. & always remember the black base (which is why, strangely, all these blue ones look out of place to me)  The Tardis has changed so many times since/before that time, that now *thanks to TB, I have more of an appreciation for this.  Thanks for your reply I'm going to make mine black--aesthetically, I think carrying the black (overall) will produce a more cohesive look...time will tell...     


You can try black, and if you don't like it, you can repaint it blue.
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