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Scarfwearer's Season 14 Wooden Console

Started by Scarfwearer, Sep 23, 2009, 08:57 am

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This is fantastic I like your console room too I probably like that
more but still cool! ;D


I was wondering if anyone had done this one (not to mention the room it's in!) very nice! maybe some day I'll make one of these in miniature, I like working with wood, but don't really have room for a full sized console.

are you gonna do the whole room? :D
It's always a matter of time...


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This is a stunning build, and I love it!
Beautiful work!
I have often thought about doing something like this too.

I was watching a classic episode and noticed something odd.  Forgive me if you mentioned this and I missed it, but in some lighting conditions and from some angles the panels seem to have a diamond pattern on them- you can kind of see it in this picture st--4p02.jpg

Do you know is that a carved in feature or a wood grain that has been split and mirrored?

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Actually I do have a plan to add the inlay - I've cut the strips of wood ready for glueing, but then we moved house, so it's all on hold until I get the junk out of my workshop-to-be.
On the original the finish was done with a plastic film called 'Fablon', I think, so the diamond shapes probably took just a few minutes with some scissors.



Crispin, been a while since i browsed around, i forgot about this build, wow what a nice job you have done on her!

I thought the console room was disassembled? My how time flies!


I have just joined & found this thread. Congratulations this is a superb build and does look like a piece of furniture.

So several years on. How does it look now with the wood aged?


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Quote from: mycroft on Jan 31, 2019, 11:59 am
So several years on. How does it look now with the wood aged?

The wood has been pretty stable indoors. I haven't done any work on it since I last moved house in 2011, though there are still things to finish off. Been getting distracted... :)

For most of that time it's been sitting in the corner of the sitting room serving as occasional drinks cabinet.


Even more occasionally a new visitor will actually recognise it - that might have happened .... oooh, maybe twice in that time. Always nice when it does.

Each year it also has an additional role:

I take the lid off and set a bucket of water in the top then stand the tree in it, and attach the top of the tree to the ceiling for stability.
The idea was that it would keep the baubles out of reach of the cats. Didn't work. :D

This year I accidentally overflowed the bucket while watering the tree, and had water seeping out through the joins for a day or so, which had to be mopped up with a towel. It doesn't seem to have done it any harm.


I love everything about this.


It looks great. This is the sort of prop that can just live in the house without being noticed, until it is, if you see what I mean. Just like the TARDIS itself.

Thanks for the update :)

Cardinal Hordriss

I was tempted to build this console but it requires mad carpentry skills I'm not close to having; went for Number 2 control room console instead.

It's come out amazingly well. It looks like a genuine antique. The Christmas tree doesn't look that out of place. As a drinks cabinet it would make a great centre piece at a Doctor Who themed party lol.
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Well the power tools are a good part of it. I was reminded of that recently when my cordless drill went flat and I had to actually attach a hinge with a manual screwdriver. *phew*! I'd forgotten what slow, hard work it is doing these things by hand... jobs that otherwise take seconds with power tools. They need care in use, but they really help.


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On a similar note, I once hired a photographer for a project.  He was setting up some shot and said something along the lines of "I used to wonder how other photographers managed to get this shot so well and then I got this lens," holding up a camera lens as he fitted it in.  

You make a powerful case for this build.  I really want to do the conventional white/mint green TARDIS console, but space and practicality preclude it.  Shoot, I think the time rotor is almost bigger than this whole console.  And not only does this have storage built in, you could pretty easily turn the base into a liquor cabinet or media cabinet.

[or Christmas tree stand/cat play area]
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This is such a amazing build! Kudos to you!!
I follow a wood working course, and maybe I might have a go building this console too  ;)
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Crispin, have you had a chance to add the panel inlays yet?