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A Met Box Build

Started by fivefingeredstyre, May 01, 2011, 06:10 pm

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Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I finally got around to fitting my post caps...

I'd be holding off fitting them for two reasons... Firstly because I was waiting to see if there were any leaks around the tops of the posts, and secondly because I'm basically lazy... (if i'm honest the second reason is probably the only real reason and the first one is basically an excuse... :o)

Anywho... This is what the box what like before...


And this is what its like now...


If you've really sharp eyes you may notice the extra piece of detailing at the top of the corner pillars... Its only a little thing, but to my eyes it makes it a tad more realistic... but then I may be an obsessive compulsive... ;)

And just because...





I was playing in the fog last week...






I need to ask Santa for a decent Tripod this year, as some of those shots are a little wobbly...  :-[


This box looks better and better every time I see it.


Nice fog pictures! Love the one with the open door, looks as if the Doctor had just stepped out. :)


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Fantastic! Those last three photos look like there could be a regeneration going on inside that thing! :o

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That turned out darned accurate.  Well done.  And very nice workmanship to boot.
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Absolutely excellent build and excellent pictures.


What a brilliant build and a great build diary.

Very happy to see another Met Box inspired build.

Out of interest, where did you get the window furniture from or are they something you put together yourself? If you have mentioned this already accept my apologies for I'm sure I have read through this from beginning to end!


Hi Mark...

I got the window furniture off of eBay in the end. Obviously they are not the most accurate, but they were probably the best compromise I could come up with that would suit my meagre woodworking skills  ;D


I have long since accepted that sometimes compromise is the only way to go.

Accurate or not, your build is certainly looking the part.

I, like yourself, have done no woodworking since I was "forced to" while at school. If this is you showing off your "meagre woodworking skills" than perhaps there is hope for me after all.


hi I am planning to build a Met Box, are you going to put your plans on the TARDIS builders site?


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Not sure if you mean the Met box dimensions or actual building plans, but these threads might be of help to you:


The third one is a build diary which should prove very useful.

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"


How do!

Quick question for all those of us who have built a box that lives permanently outside...

Does anyone else feel like they are on a continual uphill battle to keep the box weather proofed?

I seem to be forever chasing one leak, and finding another develops over time... Anyone got any tips for fighting this problem?

My latest leaks have appeared around the over door signs where the signs meet the signboxes. I've sealed these back in the autumn with silicone and that held up pretty well, but the seal appears to have degraded now.

Whilst I appreciate that I'm always going to have a maintenance battle on my hands with keeping the box in good order, I just wonder if anyone else is having the same problem or have they found some wonder solution for minimising it?

All help gratefully accepted...   :)


I have no idea about waterproofing..sorry, but what a splendid build!

I trust someone on here will know!


possibly a bit late for this but aluminium flashing tape cut to size on all the joints?