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A Met Box Build

Started by fivefingeredstyre, May 01, 2011, 06:10 pm

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Fixed the base in place this morning, to save some time for tomorrow...


I've screwed the thing down with bolts about a foot long, so there's no way the box should go anywhere... :D



And whilst I was at it I fitted the rest of the signage... :)


Again the blue seems to come out much brighter in the photos...


Looking good ,I can't wait to see it built up. :)
so let me get this straight,A thing that looks like a Police box standing in a junkyard,It can move anywhere in Time and space ?



Very nearly... :D

Made a LOT of progress at the weekend... in between rain showers that is... Its typical, the weekends have been great for the last few weeks, and the minute I plan the build the heavens open!

I brought all the bits out of storage...


and then started to assemble the back wall, as this would be my starting point to hold everything else in place...


This is the point when the down pours started! for a while I thought we were going to have to call it all off... But luckily the rain gave way...

Once we resumed we got the two sides in place...


And then put on the front doors and the signboxes ready for the roof...


I've actually fitted the roof and the lamp, but if I'm honest I'm holding back a little on those photos, because I'm in the middle of wether proofing all the seams, and it kind of looks a little multicoloured at the moment...  :-[

I'm probably going to leave it as it is until the weekend now, as I want every thing to settle and acclimatise before I sand back all the filler and finish the painting...

Secretly though i'm really pleased with how this is all turning out... :) (and even the Girlfriend is impressed... :D



Looks fantastic, cracking job.


This looks stunning! Hurry up and finish it so we can see lol  ;)

I really admire & respect your ability to build something like this  :)


That's pretty darn sweet.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Farewell Sarah Jane, you will be missed.


Thanks guys...

I've had a few delays so far this week... We've had really bad weather on the south coast and its stopped the sealant from curing, so I had to go out to it with a hair dryer last night, and blow out all the old sealant and water and re-apply it all...  :-[

The weather looks OK now for the next few days, so hopefully the sealant will get enough time to go off... To be on the safe side I've covered the sections in polythene to stop any bad weather from getting to it. With any luck this will give it enough time to weather proof, then I can give the outside one last coat of paint before I finish the inside :)


Good luck with the weather,its cold and wet here
so let me get this straight,A thing that looks like a Police box standing in a junkyard,It can move anywhere in Time and space ?

kert gantry

That's one very handsome box.  Looking forward to the next update.


Thanks guys...

Last week I got quite a bit done on the build, but it was areal race against time and the weather...

We got as far as putting the roof on, and filling everything to make it as weatherproofed as possible, but as you can see we wound up working in the dark...


The end result wound up looking like this


Which was fine, but the problems was the acrylic I'd used to seal the base didn't have enough time to cure before the rain started again, and as a result the box leaked like a sieve...

Fortunately I had a few days this week where the weather eased up and with the help of tarpaulins I've been able to reapply the sealant...

I haven't finished painting the inside of the box yet, as I want to make sure its completely weather tight first, but here you can see that to give the box some rigidity I've fixed supporting beams up all four sides as well as horizontal brace's which have been wedged tight in between each of the supports...



I have to say its worked a treat, the box is more sturdy than I imagined it would be...


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And we are nearly there... Once the sealant had cured properly I gave all the joints another coat of blue, installed the door lock, and I'm pleased to say it now looks like this:


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It is a thing of beauty !  Well done sir!