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Mobile TARDIS build - BC style

Started by DTrasler Writing, Sep 01, 2023, 10:33 pm

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There's always something!!!!


DTrasler Writing

Today was the Big Day - come hell or high water, I was going to get a mobile Tardis and my dalek up the mountain and get some photos and footage. (Up the mountain because there's some good architecture at the top, that's why. They used it in "Halo:Forward Unto Dawn".

First I had to drive out to collect a hoverboard I got through Facebook marketplace. Cheaper than new, but still $80. It IS blue, though, so that's a plus. My wife had booked some time at the pottery studio, so I had to drive her over there if I wanted to use the car while she was out, and my eldest (the dalek pilot) didn't finish work until mid-afternoon.

We packed the Tardis into the car. It fits!

Tardis 14.jpg

Mazda 5 - definitely bigger on the inside.

We assembled the Tardis and I left the kids to watch over it while I drove back down the mountain to pick up the dalek.

Tardis 17.jpg

The new hoverboard fits nicely, but I didn't charge it enough. My kid kindly volunteered to Flintstone the dalek around so I could try the old hoverboard in the Tardis. It works well!

Tardis 16.jpg

Tardis 13.jpg

I have some nice footage of the driving and spinning.

Happy 60th everybody!


That's great!

Looking good & I love the Dalek, too....



DTrasler Writing

Thanks @russellsuthern - the trip up and down the mountain went fairly smoothly, but they both need some TLC before the next outing, Derek in particular. ON the plus side, my wife is now talking about getting a hitch and trailer, so we can transport both AND ourselves!


I could do with one of those , too!


DTrasler Writing

By the way, there's a damage report from yesterday. Apart from the expected wear and tear on the signboxes that were only made from foam...


I have to route the signbox wire THROUGH something so it doesn't get jammed when the roof goes on...


I need to finish glazing the front windows and touch up all the frames with white paint.


Oh, and I have to make the phone cubby deeper. And I need a drinks holder. And somewhere to mount the speaker for the theme music and Tardis sound effects.


It has a very authentic 1970s & 80s BBC prop department, repaired on the fly look to it. 
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