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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by austin, Mar 28, 2011, 10:46 am

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In the process of building a tardis but loads of building related ideas/problems spinning in my head  ::)
one is weather proofing with the famous British weather (mainly rain) in mind!! As most tardis being stained with waterbased stain would it not be better to use red oxide  ??? as it is oil based and would last considerable longer that water based stain? Can anyone help with some feedback to the pros's and con's. cheers
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You're speaking of stain as opposed to paint?

In general, when I think of outdoor color, I think of paint, and in that instance, water based is fine.

When I think of stain, I generally think of using it indoors and would choose oil based because it just plain does a better job than water based stains.

On a TARDIS I'm working on for outdoors, we're going to seal the wood with clear wood sealer, then caulk joints with paintable acrylic caulk and then paint.


thanks for replying  ;)

I should think that in texas you have the problem of prolong heat with short burst of rainfall as in the uk we have damp weather all year round with very burst of sunshine so the base is treated timber but i am looking to take my tardis down for the winter.
Even now building the tardis i do a stage step back and think ....i could of done that better if i'd have done it this way which is VERY frustrating  :o :-\ :-X
happy when using my hands...:D


thanks for all the feed back in the end I used oiled based primer/undercoat with a dulux gloss blue paint but still feel after all the hard work sheeting was best in adverse weather!!!269609_10150244597528863_581083862_7527570_3420527_s.jpg
happy when using my hands...:D