Restoration of the TYJ MK2 for the DW Experience

Started by DoctorWho8, Feb 26, 2011, 08:50 am

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I'm so sorry that because of some idiot's selfishness, you had to see the Damage.
We are not able to mend or adjust until the Public has left due to health and safety.
It didn't look as good without it :-(
but then also on the positive side you saw what many people would have quite liked to have seen as it was interesting and different.
Also, we do get a lot of people complain that it's too dimly lit.
I have often asked for a few more lights to be hung, but they don't.
Their answer is simple. It was designed to look this way.
Apologies and may i suggest you visit again with a good camera - OR do as I do and google search Doctor Who Experience and download lots of gorgeous pictures that other people have taken .
I haven't got one image I took myself, in my collection of hundreds.
Mark :D
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It's a shame some people can't be content to just look. Yeah, it's a bummer to come all that way and just stand and look but it ruins it for other people if you don't. Did you see the state the Series 4 box was in after Newcastle? Apparently there was almost nothing left of the windows, and one side of it had been bent inwards away from the corner posts. All from where shameless people had climbed up onto it to get a better look inside.

Out of interest, the doors to the Tennant console room, are they still in good condition? I always thought it was odd they were hidden behind those curtains, and when I went I was hopelessly trying to crane my neck around the side of the console wall to get a look at them.
Seems a shame they're not on show, especially to someone like me who's favourite box is the Tennant, but has never had the chance ever to see one in real-life.
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?


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My reply to this (about the Tennant set, doors etc) have been moved to Doctor Who Experience thread, in OFF TOPIC news! okay
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So, finally, after about 6 months I'm finally re-registered on the board again, I'm back-back-BACK! And I want to say what an amazing job MBH has done in restoring this prop, and for all his hard graft behind the scenes (and scenery!) at The Experience. I've seen the box and the 80's console in person and it gave me chills, it is exactly how we all want it to be. Any doom-mongers who suggest otherwise are just suffering from sour-grapes that they weren't talented enough to be handpicked especially for this restoration task.

Well done MBH, and keep those gorgeous photos coming matey :)
Build high for happiness :)


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Hello YOU!
Thanks for your kind words and support Rusty metal DOG! ;)

OKAY Compare the Tardis .com

I have had a wonderful day today.
I went to see The OTHER TYJ twin box (I do not really wish to get into the endless struggle with which one is Mark 1 and which one is Mark 2, because the BBC and Andrew Beech (yes, they are in fact separate LOL) should know what they've got due to paper work and confirmations from JNT way back when... ;yet everyone here (myself included) seems to think that its all wrong and the other way round because someone at some point said otherwise and we all took their word as gospel - but who knows???)

However - regardless of which one is which or came first, I thought it would be an interesting thing to place two pictures together and see how they are both looking TODAY! September the first 2011.
The one to the left is the one which was kept at BBC television centre (and now resides at DWE) - documented as being built for The Leisure Hive (a solid box, which is a permanent non collapsable prop)
and the one to the right is Andrew Beech's TYJ box - which he believes and has paper work stating that it was built for Logopolis (a dis-mantleable or flatpack Tardis prop, made from the same moulds as the original)

You can see a few differences between the two - the colour, interestingly on the right hand side one is still the screen used blue (a lighter shade of the Prussian blue)- and the same colour as my first full coat as a base on the Tom baker era display to the left.

Below is Andrew Skillitter with the prop on location in London for The Silver Nemesis in 1988 - and it is pretty much unchanged since that screen outing - 23 years ago! - it even has the blocks on the bottom of the side wall panel today. - the signs remain the same and the lock and handle are the same  - it seems that all that is different are the windows, which are now glass. and the pull to open sign is a temporary replacement (yet again)

and here's an earlier shot of Sylve, and Bonnie - again see that the first thing to go missing is always the door pull sign! LOL ! ;)
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I'm of the camp Andrew's box is the 1980 MK1 and the DW Experience is the 1986 MK2.  Andrew's just looks older and I swear I can see some of the old damaged areas the MK1 had around the sign boxes at one point.  But it's nice to see it once again.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Personally I agree, I always thought that Andrews was the first one.
But As I say... Both owners have a strong reason (with proof) that,
it's t'otherway round.
So I think we have to quietly disagree agreeably - after all it doesn't really matter unless you're completely obbsessed. LOL  :P don't you think.??
Catch you later guys
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why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.