Another 1:5 Scale Brachacki TARDIS

Started by Rassilons Rod, Dec 13, 2009, 08:21 am

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Rassilons Rod

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Some pics of the actual model used in this sequence restored by the Prop Gallery...mike1.jpgnec-whotardisw.JPGTARDISmontage_1.jpg


Interesting.  That looks the right size to be the TARDIS used for all the "TARDIS in space" shots during the Tom Baker era (although it seems to me like those ones look more like the pre-1966 full-sized prop than this one does). 
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Interesting seeing that little "eyebolt" on the center divide. I wonder if there is one on the other side as well. Also there is no lettering on the Top Signs. Now I'm wondering if there is even a Phone Panel anywhere on that little model, or if it's just a "blank" model. (In those B&W images - I think from "The Mind Robber" - there is also no signage on the model, so it obviously never had any to begin with. Still wondering about that Phone Panel, and whether or not this model had one.)

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I appreciate it is getting on abit in years, and was also probably mistreated by uncaring prop handlers however doesn't this prop look a little bit rough for such a large scale model?

I mean it's not that detailed is it?


I believe the model was built specially for the exploding sequence in 'The Mind Robber', and therefore not much detail was actually required for this effect. Remember the sequence was filmed in black and white. It was dimly lit with a black background and the model was rotated to explode after a few seconds of filming. In the days before video playback, the viewer would most likely have accepted it was the Tardis without question.