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Season 20 console: components research

Started by warmcanofcoke, Jan 08, 2011, 11:11 pm

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Yeah - looks like pine or hardwood coving. The best example picture I can find:


Get the right size and you're sorted.


That pic is good. It is the right shape but not the right thickness.
Today's molding (at least here in the US) has gotten thinner and thinner over the years. Really most molding sold in local lumber yards is cheap crap for most newer cookie cutter homes. Maybe one of us will have luck though! :)


At least it's usually actual wood... in the UK covings are often made from expanded polystyrene (styrofoam). I kid you not. If you go too near it with the vacuum cleaner or snag it while clearing cobwebs you'll be off to the DIY shop for new coving.
I've also seen plasterboard covings (sheetrock).



Went to the local lumber yard and took some pics of some moldings that were close to the right size. for the switches. If this were the same molding from 20 years ago that is thicker we would have a winner I think.
Still this is really close. Not sure if it is big enough though.


Looks very close to me.

The first picture kinds shows how much this stuff really wishes it was a set of rocker switches!


Did a comparison picture.
WOW! Really close!!!!


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here is another angle of the "switches"
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


Gosh the dust on the console shows up quite a bit on these DVDs now.
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this image might help with guessing size of objects on the console
I think they may have grabbed the recall circuit off the console to use on the Galifrey set
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


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Anyone know what the two black knobs above the switches are?
They look like they were painted black if you look inside. Also there is a third one that is silver/aluminum on another panel with a red base to it.
They look like a wheels off of a toy or some kinda belt pulley.


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Quote from: warmcanofcoke on Mar 03, 2012, 02:12 am

If these are the black knobs you're referring to (the round, ribbed things), you're probably right. They do look an awful lot like the wheels you'd find on a larger toy vehicle such as a truck or dune buggy. And knowing the budget 'Doctor Who' had to work with back in this era the props department probably found such a toy in bad shape (maybe from their own house?) and thought, 'Hmm... these would make great knobs on the TARDIS console where we need a little something to fill that empty space.'

Something like that wouldn't surprise me in the least. (If you watch "ST: IV, The Voyage Home", in the scene where Kirk and company are rescuing Checkov from the hospital, the device McCoy uses to heal Checkov's brain injury is actually a piece of the AMT/Ertl Klingon Battle Cruiser model - the Cruiser version from "ST: TMP". Now, with a big budget like those 'Trek' movies had to work with, they still used a piece from a commercial model as "Bones'" medical prop. So with a budget of next to nil, why wouldn't the 'Who' props people do the same? Find something destined for the dust bin and say "Wait! I can make use of a piece of that!")

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Rassilons Rod

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Good call, but I think you can see through them.

My bet is intake grills from a hair dryer (or two)... Didn't they used to use hair dryers to make guns?


Something like this only older. I have a specific model in mind but google is coming up blank...
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The other thing those knobs look like is the tightening nut under an old office chair.

Never thought of a hair dryer. Could be worth looking into. :)


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Quote from: rassilonsrod on Mar 15, 2012, 06:30 pm
Good call, but I think you can see through them.

That might just be light reflection creating an optical illusion. If you look at those "knobs" closely, it looks like you can see through them on the side facing you, but if you look at the "inside" of the knobs on the far side, they're solid. So it would be difficult to have only half of that part be see-through, and the other half be solid (hence my thoughts on the lights and optical illusion).

The other case could be that, if they are old toy car wheels, the side facing us just happens to have been worn down to where it's see-through, but to have both parts worn down like that and positioned on the console in the same way is too coincidental (at least for me).

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