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Season 20 console: components research

Started by warmcanofcoke, Jan 08, 2011, 11:11 pm

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Quote from: davidnagel on Mar 14, 2016, 07:04 pm
Plastistruct in America got back to me and gave me these pictures of what they think are the correct pieces for the "Logopolis" door opener.


 David,   did you ever post the links or part numbers for these? I would love to get a set for display purposes.

I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"


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Quote from: warmcanofcoke on Jun 04, 2012, 09:22 pm
so i sent an email to Mat Irvine....
Dear Mr. Mat Irvine,
3. There is a green thing on the console that I have absolutely no idea how to describe. It might be a pump of some kind. (Picture 5)

Thank you for your time.

Nathan King

and so he was kind enough to respond and actualy was able to identify one of the above Tardis Console Parts.
Hi Nathan


3) However the good news is I can tell you exactly what this is! This is
built from EMA parts that are actually 'cable trays'. The 'squared off'
tubular part is made what looks like ref # EVS(TG)1690 parts, while it
sits on two Tee Connectors - # ETS(TG)24. (The 'TG' is the colour, here
transparent green' - which it obviously is - the last digits are the
size, which may not be correct - there are two options - 16 and 24.
Ditto the '1690' may not be correct as there is also 2490)
These EMA parts are some of the special items that really only
professional modeller would use. They are not in the Plastruct catalogue
and will only be available by special order, or from EMA direct in
Incidentally the central grey tube and the small green hemisphere are
also EMA.

Good luck!



Mat Irvine


...let's be careful out there...

so that's cool.  - now I'm going to write him a nice "thank you" email.

I think this is the address for the EMA he was talking about : http://www.ema-models.co.uk/

Quote from: davidnagel on Apr 12, 2017, 11:49 pm
Amongst other things, these are also on my list to do:



These posts may help.

why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.

Cardinal Hordriss

I'd love a printable model of that for my console. I'd have to adjust the size down though.
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Cardinal Hordriss

I just noticed... in The Visitation, the device Nyssa builds to destroy the android features a similar component to the green cube thing where she connects the power cable.
I speak to you from the final days of Gallifrey. I am the past you have forgotten. You are the future I will not live to see...