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Yardley Jones plans revisited

Started by lespaceplie, Oct 28, 2010, 03:52 pm

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Oct 28, 2010, 03:52 pm Last Edit: Oct 16, 2012, 07:02 pm by Scarfwearer
I haven't done any work or research on the YJ props in quite some time, but I've been thinking of them lately. For a start, I wonder what the actual dimensions are? Purple (and others?) have taken some measurements that reflect the shrinkage and other anomalies that wandered from the plans, but I don't think those have been spelt out on this particular forum all at once.

The plans I have drawn are based on assumptions and the refurbishment plans: http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com/drwho/s18imp.pdf (top view plan needs some alterations - will update momentarily). I think the proportions will make something that looks right, but they do not reflect the reality of the wonky props.

I suspect that the real YJ props are actually a good bit smaller than we may realize. Does anybody have any additional info?


Yes, thank you! I've had this sort of idea rolling around in the back of my head for a while now, that the TYJ prop(s) are actually a lot smaller than we think. A good example is in Survival. The 5'6" McCoy easily reaches up past the lower bar of the window, and, if all the plans are accurate, Sylv must have been wearing some pretty big shoes.
Still, I have my doubts. A while a go on here someone (Sorry, forgot the name and can't find the post, but thanks for posting it anyway :D ) posted actuall BBC plans for the box, to be specific, the Planet of Fire fiberglass auxiliary box, and it wasn't too far off current plans.
It certainly is a conumdrum  :-\
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?


The plans you're referring to are the "refresh" plans. Those are the ones that I mostly went by for my drawing except for making the roof match the proportions of what was seen on screen (one version of that, at least).

To work out a good version of the actual size of these we'd only need 3 key dims: post width, doorway span & door height.


aww man you revised them again lol now i got to go back and redo my model lol :P


sorry to ask, but i know you working on these, but is there any chance of top view for the Hudolin box as that's the one i wish to work on next..
and the plans i have don't include that bit :) sorry to be a pain :)


The S18 plans are pretty much the same as they were a year ago. I probably won't change them, but might re-label them as the intended design and research what actually happened in fiberglass.

I'll prep the Hudolin roof for you. Watch for an update in that thread.


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sweet thankyou, i wait with baited breath :) hehe

Edit: thats a good idea about re-labeling the plans, is always nice to see what was designed and what actually made it to production..
ive actually been rewatching some of the 5th doctor episodes and amazed how inconistant the look (either design or the way the footage was shot) actually is..

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Quote from: superrichi1a on Oct 28, 2010, 07:28 pm
The 5'6" McCoy easily reaches up past the lower bar of the window, and, if all the plans are accurate, Sylv must have been wearing some pretty big shoes.

the pic i use as my profile one, was a WIP to test scale, the build is obviously from lespaceplie's s18 plans. and the model i used to represent McCoy is an 5`6
ill add the full size pic here, as reference, hope it helps :) the figure is standing on the floor


You know, I've just reviewed several photos with actors standing in front of the doors, and I don't think any of them would have trouble seeing right into the lower window including the shortest ladies. How tall is Peter Davison? Also, has anyone measured the Codsteaks model?



Oct 29, 2010, 03:44 am #9 Last Edit: Oct 29, 2010, 04:01 am by lespaceplie
Okay then. Syl has simply been placed closer to the camera or was standing on a box. There's no way those doors are significantly shorter than 6.5 feet.

The one detail I am starting to question, however, is the size of the quarter round molding on the posts. Instead of .75, it is probably 1 inch. The plans have now been updated for this. Anyone care to test this in a 3D rendering?


Oct 29, 2010, 06:17 am #10 Last Edit: Oct 29, 2010, 06:17 am by galacticprobe
I just noticed your revised TYJ plans don't have any handle or lock placements on the doors. Is that because they changed locations so often, sometimes from story to story, that you'd have to draw up several versions of the doors?

Just curious.
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If one can find really clear closeups of the locks, that is a feature whose measurements do not change. If clear enough, these can be used to calibrate photographic measurements of adjacent features (rail diameters, for instance) which can then be used to measure other features.

On standard Yale type rim cylinders, the central cylinder area (the part with the name on it) is always 1.25" in diameter, with the outer rose/ring bringing it to a slightly more variable 1.75". That central portion, though, is very, very consistent, and is the same whether a Yale, an ERA or an ETAS.

I do note a small oddity, however, in that the Re-keying guide from Yale (for at least the last 10 years) indicates in plan form that all their standard (1109) rim cylinders (sans rose) should be 1.375" (1-3/8"), but on every Yale rim cylinder I have ever measured (with sample vintages spanning at least 70 years (1940's to present) and including a current ERA as used in the new series and a vintage ETAS like those used on original Police Boxes) they have always come out at 1.25".


Actually, sorry to contradict, but a few inches could make a difference. Davison isn't/ wasn't 6'1", although he did look taller that he was. He was actually closer to 5'11.5" in his prime, and about 5'11" now. People always seem to think he is 6'1"-6'2", but that seems to be a common mistake (I know as much because when I met him years ago, he must have been closer to his prime height then, I was 6'0.5" and he was noticably smaller than me.
I look forward to seeing how these plans progress. Just a thought, does anyone live near the BBC office where this is displayed? The guards would probably arrest anyone who tried to measure the thing (correction, they HAVE arrested people who were spotted within an inch of a tape measure), but if you could get close up you could probably be able to extrapolate the rough size of dimensions from your own height?
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?


fair enough i got my info from IMDB's bio on him. :) as with all my doctors heights, having never actually met any i cant say if im accurate or not :) though im 6`5 so anyone i did meet, i would have been taller anyway lol :) but i digress :) thanks for the new info :)


No problem :)
I hope you don't mind me contradicting you like that, I just wanted to make the point because a couple of inches can make a big difference  :D
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?