BBC Plans for Rani's TARDIS interior and studio layout

Started by lespaceplie, Oct 26, 2010, 12:21 am

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See a larger version here:
This diagram would be 85 x 60 cm if printed.

I acquired this back in 1987. As a kid I would occasionally write to John Nathan-Turner who was kind enough to respond. This time he forwarded my request to designer Paul Trerise who then sent me photocopies of the plans. Pity he didn't send me the Rani's beautiful console design as well.

Parts of the design are missing due to Mr. Trerise not copying every section from the large sheet onto smaller pages. I have not cleaned anything up, but I will produce a clean drawing shortly.

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Dude, you are making dreams come true with this stuff :)

There are precious few plans available from the 80's. Certainly when I was visiting the Written Archive, nothing from the 80's was available!

Thank you so much!
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Additional photo references for the Rani's console are cross-referenced in this thread,, created by warmcanofcoke. (And many thanks to him for going to the trouble of gathering those screen grabs.)

Further cross-reference for the console is in the thread

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What are the measurements in on these plans?

cm? mm?


All measurements stated in the image are in millimeters.


That top view really shows how small a 1980s console room is, compared to the 1963 "An Unearthly Child." 
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Thanks for sharing. It shows how thoughtful the production team were at the time to share these with a young fan. Twice I have come across the new series being filmed and found the crew to be a little aggressive!
I digress though. The Rani's TARDIS is a wonderful design.