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Teletran's sonic

Started by Teletran, Oct 23, 2010, 03:39 am

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Rassilons Rod

This really is lovely, and I just noticed you kept the bevel that is on the butt of the device :)
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yeah, I was going to put a charging port in it but I didn't have the heart to drill a hole, so it's going to be a Matt Smith style thumb button mostly for use in "troughton mode":
If you take the emitter head off and collapse the unit you have a compact tool capable of basic functions such as; screwdriver, lock-pick, sonic drill and soldering iron etc.


I'm at a loss for words, that's just so impressive. By all means feel free to make a few and send one my way  ;)
Farewell Sarah Jane, you will be missed.


The more you add the more I love it.  Do you intend to make a physical prop from these designs?  I've been so inspired by this I was planning on shopping up some parts and trying to make something like it.  I can't achieve the level of detail you have in your renderings but I might be able to do a decent approximation.  The clear section can be made from an in-line fuel filter for either boats or cars and several of the other parts have close approximations in the plumbing isle.



I've moved the 'how to' discussion to the other prop workshop: [ref topic=2333]Building Teletran's Sonic[/ref]



Teletran; if you feel so inclined could I ask you to render the head a little differently just so we can see how this option would look:

1) Bulge the jewel front outward or move it forward a bit on a metal mount.  Not quite to the shape of the traditional "bullet front" but out a bit from the halo.
2) On the back render in either a traditional "magnet back" or a "cap back" like on the Baker or the McGann.

Everything else on the design as you did it is totally awesome but I keep wondering if the above two changes to the head would add or detract from the design. 

No worries if you don't want to do that, I was just wondering. 


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OK, a request for my biggest fan ;)

I've been distracted with other projects but this was starting to sound urgent so I've modified the existing components to produce this:

I call it the long barrel emitter, it's about 5 minuets work so don't expect the Sistine chapel  but it should give you some idea how it would look.
I don't know if I've mentioned this but the red "jewel" is actually a complete sphere which is mounted asymmetrically in the emitter housing to give the sonic waves different focal points depending on which end of the emitter is used.


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Love it!  That looks awesome!  Thanks, Teletran.

BTW - you've got a few private messages from me.   ;D



Having played around with the idea of an alternate emitter head I decided that, since the two designs are so similar it seemed silly to have different units to do the same job. I don't particularly like the sticky out jewel but I thought the longer cowling on the secondary emitter had possibilities so I started thinking that instead of completely replacing the head I should just add a extra focusing element that could be screwed into the existing piece.
But then I just liked it so I'll probably keep it as a permanent part of the main emitter head.
The original cowling was always the least finished looking part of the design so I'm happy to make this change, the reason I hadn't tried before now was that it is so hard to make it look good that I was afraid of ruining the design.
I eventually came up with some principals that helped to balance the design;

  • Barrel of emitter must have the same or similar diameter as front jewel.

  • Barrel of emitter must project a similar distance from centre as front jewel.

  • Barrel of emitter must taper slightly to balance appearance of front jewel.

In fact looking at the side on pictures I should probably lengthen it slightly.


To quote a certain nerd of renown: "Did I do that?"   ;D  Seriously, did that alteration come from my request?  It looks fantastic. 

One thing I'm hoping for with the machinist I hired to do a version of your work is that he does it so well you consider him too BUT have him do yours bang on to what you have here.  Looking at the comparison images will be drool worthy in and of itself.   8)

Exceptional work as usual, Teletran.  Totally awesome. 

I'd love to see your sonic design somehow become part of the 50 year anniversary season in 2013.  It is too totally awesome not to become part of the show's cannon. 



Still not convinced that I've nailed the colour scheme for this component but it's attached and, does it look telescopic to anyone else? (sigh) now I'll have to go make another one.


Actually it looks like a combination of a focusing element and a attachments socket.  I'm diggin' it.

Rassilons Rod

The HEAD is telescopic? Could you do an animation of the bits that move?
In the cities in the streets there's a tension you can feel,
The breaking strain is fast approaching, guns and riots.
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins,
And the press get fed the scapegoats,
Public Enema Number One.


I think he just means the new bit added at the back but, yeah, animations are cool.  We'd love to see some animations of this beautiful prop in action.