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DWA magazine's driving a TARDIS guide

Started by wayne venomous, Oct 08, 2010, 08:04 pm

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wayne venomous

In the current issue (released 7th October 2010) there's a double page on how to drive the TARDIS and it has close ups of certain parts of the console with a "rough guide" to operating it.

Just thought it would be handy. The 3D specs and 3D page pull-out are rather cool too!


If you get a copy, grab the 3D glasses and go take a look at Rob's console room thread: [ref topic=2040]Update of my 2002 TARDIS[/ref]. Remember to maximize your browser. :)



Does anyone know where this is available across the pond (not Amy... the other pond)? All I'm able to find over here, and not consistently, is "Doctor Who Magazine."

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wayne venomous

On the subscriptions section of their website it does point out that the offer is only available to UK addresses but it does seem to be available to overseas subscribers.

I will say that Doctor Who Adventures is aimed towards children, but it's always a good read!  ;)


Sorry if I'm a bit late to the party. <checks date of first post> Six years, okay...The helmic regulator needs a bit of work. ::) ;D
I was digging through some of my old magazines, and I found the issue of Doctor Who Adventures in question. I'm know this post is six years late, but I'm hoping that someone will find this at least a tiny bit interesting.

There are a couple of inaccuracies within the article (just look at what they've labelled "dematerialise lever" and you'll see what I mean ::)) but it still offers a decent view of a few of the console panels.

Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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Interesting, however there are a few items on this that contradict what the props guys gave to Matt Smith with regards to some of the controls, and also with how we saw some of the controls used on screen.

That "Dematerialise Lever" in #6 isn't for getting the TARDIS in motion; it's part of the Fabrication Panel, and is the Materialise/ Dematerialise Fabrication control. (From the control papers the props guys gave Matt Smith. Those are posted on here somewhere.) Also on those papers there is no mention of that "Harmonic Generator" control. (It may have been mentioned in dialogue, but I can't remember if it was or which episode it may have been mentioned in, or if the control was shown when it was mentioned.)

That "Focusing Device" in #3 also is not mentioned on the papers, but as seen in "The Lodger", it's called the 'Zig Zag Plotter' and is used to stabilise the TARDIS when she's stuck in a materialisation loop. (The info on the image above takes that "Focusing Device" and its function from a video game, rather than from the TV canon.)

The TARDIS Mat/Demat Lever we've already established from the series is that large lever with the dual rows of yellow lights on it, which is just to the left of the Space/Time Forward/Backward controls (which they did get right in this spread).

Nice thing they did, but they didn't do all of their research when they labeled those controls and as a result, they got a few wrong.

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