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Console building questions

Started by mrstimelord, Aug 31, 2010, 12:49 am

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Aug 31, 2010, 12:49 am Last Edit: Sep 10, 2010, 09:00 pm by Scarfwearer
Hey guys, I'm new here. I'm not really building it yet, because I dont have much money and i know the console should be original, but I was just hopeing you guys may have some ideas on how to make one with really low budget.

I have old keyboards
A broken ps3
a broken DSbrick
Christmas lights
Old ps1 controllers
old cheap pinball game
fiber optic "night light"
old clocks
old computer mouse
junk lol
other stuffs i cant think of at the moment

oh and wires lol

Thanks in advance for the help ^_^

(i posted it in the wrong place originaly, thats probl why i had no replies)


Hello and Welcome
First of all you'll discover that you can build your console as a replica of one of the official onscreen props, or, you can totally design your own, or mix and match as you go, it is entirely upto you and what you feel capable of ;D
My suggestion would be to sit down with a piece of paper and just sketch away, every idea you can think of, as many as you want. Then, review your sketches and decide what you like and what you dont like and try and condense your ideas down, keep doing this until you end up with something that excites you and that you feel you need to build (the passion will carry you through the moments when everything seems to go wrong)
Use a material you feel comfortable with if it your first build (wood, plastic, card, whatever)
and most important, read around this site and feel free to ask questions of people. This is the hobby and the passion of everybody on here and we all love to see the successful result of a new build...

Good Luck and most of all, have fun ;D


yes, i was thinking about sketching some ideas ^_^ Ive decided, i will make the base..thing, main console thing..idk what to call it haha, out of wood, since it seems like my dad always has leftover wood :D

thanks for that tid-bit of info, and advice, i shall use it (:<


Sketch one, birds eye view is done!
okay, if you can see each section is labeled with a number going clockwise starting at the bottom 1-8
Each has letters labeling the parts, i will use this to tell you whats what

Section 1
A - Random colored wires
b - 5 lights (red, blue, green) from an old pinball game
C - Halves of a cd for effect!

Section 2
A- White with some colored christmas lights
B- Big green button to turn them on!

Section 3
A- Push lights
B - Rows of Christmas lights
C - Sliders
D - Top of an old mic

Section 4
A - Push light
B - Levers
C - Turny things
D - Inside of a calculator
E - Bigger levers

Section 5
A - Random tube things, will probly put stuff on them
B - iPod Dock
C - Speakers
D - Cup holders

Section 6
A - Lights
B - Button

Section 7
A - screen
B - Old keyboard
(Ill probly end up putting my computer in this section)

Section 8
A - Controller joysticks
B - Sonic Screwdriver holder (because im getting one :D )
C - A giant lever!

More sketches coming soon, next will be the matching sketch to this one with the time column, still have to plan that!


anuther update!

I designed the column, i realy like this design

The top was cut off but ill explain whats up there when i get to it!

So the top was A

B - Criss crossed christmas lights, one strand blue, the other green
C - Fiber optic light, the one on the bottom plugs in and changes colors through the rainbow, another     
     battery one i have goes on top and that one stays green
D - A door to manage plugs and maintenance!
E- The bottom base

You can also see panels or sections 1, 2, and 3 here
The tube will reach the ceiling, and will be clear, non colored plastic, but a strong plastic

The base itself will be wood


A great start and some nice ideas for making your console look nice and 'busy' with plenty going on...keep it up ;D


thanks!! thats not the only sketch tho, ill do more, i wont upload them all tho, just thought i would upload the first, i do think the time column thing will stay the same, because i like the idea, i may put mirrors on the top and bottom to make the light reflect a bit more, otherwise it wont look like much


Some great ideas there, be sure to keep us posted  ;)
Farewell Sarah Jane, you will be missed.


definately will :D
im currently doing more sketches and i have anuther done...better and more organized than the first, and i re-did the time column, its going to have a blacklight at the top and some glow in the dark stars and paint
theres a spot for the tardis key, a sonic screwdriver, and my itouch, im thinking of putting something on there for my fez i made! lol naw that can go by my TARDIS door that i will be building soon :)


I like the ideas you have here!  I like the eight sided conosle, and the rotor has some great things going on too!  What's your color scheme going to be?   Excited!


To be honest, im not sure, i like the silver and black but i think i may do a green and some color to match my sonic screwdriver, probly the second, i have to sit down  with some crayons (lol) and see what colors work ^_^


New, paint versions, full color, and hereeee we go:
This is my second sketch re-done on paint, different from the first, less junk and more fun stuff, put a lot more time into this sketch
Panel one: Ipod dock, Speaker, little tube things, cup holders.
Panel two: Computer, weather that be the laptop or my desktop idk
Panel 3: Push light at top, xmas lights, button for turn on
Panel 4: Wires, big lever thing, turny knobs
5: Calculators X3, Lightbright wth K9 written, Diamond mirrors.
6: 2 lines of red xmas twinkle lights, Sonic screwdriver holder, anuther xmas light button, 3 switches, digital clock/alarm, hook for TARDIS key
7: Swirl of white twinkle xmas lights, blue u/d sliders, red l/r sliders, pinball lights, big red lever
8: 2 white push lights, blue push light, 4 levers varying colors, top of a mic.
TARDIS Time Column thing..
has a plug in rainbow fiber optic light, blacklight, glow in the dark stars and a glow in the dark hand painted gallifreyan symbol, prefferable with neon tubes in the middle, maybe moving up and down

Now for questions: Because i would like to make some parts, like the fiber optic and neon tubes if i get them, move, up and down, timed with the TARDIS landing noise, whats the best thing t use..motor or whatever
and can that be started with a motion sensor so when my TARDIS door opens, it starts, lights up, moves, plays the noise, and the light above my TARDIS door flashes? or at least have the sound on a motion sensor, im no good with this, any tips on that?