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My 7th Doctor costume

Started by Kingpin, Jul 21, 2010, 10:19 pm

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Thanks for tht links, I was aware of those two differing replicas of the coat, but unfortunately I'd be terrified of mucking up either of the jackets for the price the two companies ask for them.


Very impressive. No offense however but I thought your quick solution with ink marker turned out quite well actually.


None taken, that one worked out great for the time I had to put it together, and the materials I had to work with. :)


Costume suits you very well!  :)


Thank you, Stephen. :)

I'm planning a large update for just over two weeks' time, to go live after this month's Collectormania London, which should showcase some great things, and the latest revisions to the costume.


Impressive costume, especially now you have the knit top!

Would love to see that update...  ;D


You won't have to wait long, I'll have some photos to show from a couple of recent events that'll go up this weekend.  :)


Looking forward to that!  :D

kid of galafray

Apr 02, 2011, 07:21 pm #23 Last Edit: Apr 02, 2011, 07:21 pm by kid of galafray
hi i will like to say thank u for the event u went to at hownslow it was a good talk and if u see number ten say the same thanks i may see u at colectormanier


It was good meeting you, I'll keep an eye out for you during Collectormania.

Ten: I swear I will get that costume update posted... I've been meaning to finish my accounts from the last half year's worth of events.


Hi Ben and Dominic
It was a pleasure meeting both of you at Hounslow. The £185 we raised speaks for itself really.
I'm sorry my ol' ears aren't up to much, but we did manage to talk a bit :)
Ben, I've talked to Ady about Corsham and you and Carl are more than welcome to attend. Ady is particularly interested in seeing your umbrella, being the multi prop builder that he is.

Copy of P1050603.JPG

Many thanks



Carl and I are both keen on attending so we'll do our best to try get there (and of course, the umbrella will be there :) ).  It was great finally getting to meet you in person and talk about all things Who and Dalek related, and it's great to know that despite how quiet things started... and how much trouble the shopping centre management was causing for us, we've raised a pretty respectable total.

Once again, thank you for the plunger... it shall act as my reminder for my own eventual Dalek Build.  :)  And definitely one of my fondest memories shall be getting to operate Dalek Nimrod, to which I'll always be thankful of Jon's generosity.


Nice looking Dalek Chris :)