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Sarah Jane's plush owl

Started by lespaceplie, Jul 11, 2010, 06:45 pm

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Oh, I'll definitely share a pattern. I made some plush rabbits for Easter last year that were more complicated than Oliver. At least he doesn't require any hard-to-find materials.

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lespaceplie... one of our pattern masters :)
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Quote from: lespaceplie on Jan 09, 2012, 12:31 am
Oh, I'll definitely share a pattern.

My wife will love you for this!

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I can't believe that this prop was found.
I remember searching for it myself on occasion.

I did a quick google search for reference photos to see for myself again.
And this turned up Your Props.com


I found mine on eBay after months of searching in generic terms, but the one on Your Props has probably been there for months escaping notice (thoughI found that one, too after I figured out it was an Alresford toy). I have noticed that the pupils vary in size quite a bit on these. Mine seems quite more dilated than Sarah's or the one on Your Props, but I'll scale them down a bit for the pattern.


Yup, if you search Sarah Jane and owl sure enough it pops up in eBay. That Auction by the way in case anyone states side wants one, ends Jan 13, 2012 16:20 PST.

Its funny how all at once things just fall into place everywhere when there was only mystery to it all.
The internet is a great tracker of this particular phenomenon, you can define the moment it started showing up frequently.
Mind you after a celebrity death things like this tend to happen.
On its own the owls don't seem to sell if auction histories are to be believed, but mention Sarah Jane and all of a sudden the auction gets noticed.

It makes you really wonder how many people already knew all these years.

Davros Skaro

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Just found this post, so did a ebay search & look what I found:

Vintage Alresford Crafts Oliver Owl  01.jpg
Vintage Alresford Crafts Oliver Owl  02.jpg
Vintage Alresford Crafts Oliver Owl  03.jpg
Vintage Alresford Crafts Oliver Owl  04.jpg
Vintage Alresford Crafts Oliver Owl  05.jpg
Vintage Alresford Crafts Oliver Owl  06.jpg
Vintage Alresford Crafts Oliver Owl  07.jpg

US $279.00
Approximately AU $367.52
US $75.95 (approx. AU $100.05) USPS Priority Mail International Medium Flat Rate Box
Item location:
Dothan, Alabama, United States

I grabbed all the pics in case it goes. also this one too,

with similar pics
GBP 112.00
Approximately AU $188.50
GBP 19.17 (approx. AU $32.26) Express Postage to Australia 
Item location:
Redditch, United Kingdom



Jun 28, 2017, 03:14 pm #22 Last Edit: Jun 28, 2017, 03:27 pm by lespaceplie
For your sewing pleasure, I reverse engineered a pattern from one. It was quite worn, and I have sold it since.

I proofed this pattern in felt plush only and have yet to make one in pile plush. The plush of the originals is not simply brown but very slightly heathered with red, gold and green. What I refer to as "velveteen" in the pattern is more like a flocked paper. I recreated the eyes by ironing white t-shirt flocking sheet to to thin, rigid cotton. For the pupils I used telescope liner - black flocked adhesive sheet that's also used for Muppet pupils. Some of the seams on the originals are all clear nylon (or something like that), which is kind of yuck.

I might create more specific directions at some point. There's a preferred construction order at the very least, but anyone with a little experience in plush sewing will have no problem.



Jun 28, 2017, 03:20 pm #23 Last Edit: Jun 28, 2017, 03:22 pm by lespaceplie
The Alresford originals varied quite a lot. The one I created the pattern from was taller than Sarah's and had different eye proportions (pupils you could drive a truck through!). My proof plush is sewn precisely like the one I had, but the pattern has been adjusted to match the on-screen example as best as I can tell (improved eyes, shorter body). The proof also looks slim because the felt plush isn't half as thick as proper pile plush, and the pattern is taller. The eyes are merely felt here, though I made some flocked ones to test the idea.

oliver (2).jpg