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Making Season 14 Roundels

Started by architect, Jun 29, 2010, 08:40 pm

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Actually just look at Pertwee's Time Warrior in which some of the walls of the castle interiors are clearly vac formed.

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I don't think there was anything vacformed or GRP about the 60's roundels.

The only plastic bit is the see translucent part on the back, which was just flat. And perhaps the inset
ring on the back of the roundel holes.

In that sense, I don't think there were any individual roundels like were made for Season 14 (and used
till the end of the classic run).

I suspect the main bulk of them were made out of whatever they usually made flats out of :)

Well, that's my opinion anyway :)
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Here are those shots again showing the roundels from the early episodes. They weren't so much as "flats" or bevelled as they were "deep indents" (the roundels being indented - not counting the wall recess):
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[attach width=720 height=540]225[/attach]

Backside of an original roundel showing how it was an "indent" (probably the only such pic we'll ever see):
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They look like they were formed from some sort of plastic. (I still think they look a lot like white plastic serving platters.)

Some roundels did become those "flats" during the Troughton/Pertwee era, which could have been just panels of frosted plexi/perspex:
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Some of the Troughton roundels look like flats, while others still have that indent look around their edges. (And what's with that one roundel in the last Troughton photo just above the column that's solid, with what looks like two lightning bolts on it?)

In some of the early Tom Baker stories the roundels didn't even light up. They weren't even indented; they were just circles with solid backings, and looked no deeper than the wall panel. In 'Planet of Evil' (two pics below) they were a mix of mostly solid circles and a few flats:

Then some time after 'Pyramids of Mars' they returned to the simple lighted flats:

The roundels picked up their greater detailing when they introduced the wooden console room in Season 14:

The roundels retained their new detailing when the white console room returned in 'The Invisibly Enemy', seen here with Leela bringing the hat stand back into the room: unlit roundels in the corridor...

...and the lighted ones in the console room:

This detailing seemed to stay with the roundels right through to the end of the Classic series, although their color did change from yellowish to white and back a few times:

And they continued using both lit and unlit roundels...
...but both seemed to have the same detailing as those started in Season 14's wooden console room. (The unlit ones were no doubt just given nice heavy coats of paint to make them opaque. And sorry, but I couldn't find any decent photos of McCoy in the console room, probably because they hardly used it during his tenure.)

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I don't know if any research is still on-going into the earlier roundels, but I found this image while perusing 1st Doctor images on the Shillpages website:


It definitely shows the roundels as being some sort of plastic-looking material. They've got quite a few dents and dings in them (and being inside the console room these are the front sides we're seeing of them).

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Those walls always reminded me of the game Connect 4. :-)


If this is already on one of these threads I do apologize.  From what I can tell, the roundels are 19.5" in diameter.  There is a 2,5" vertical spacing between them.  What about horizontal spacing?  How far between the columns of roundels?  I'm looking at the Five Doctors wall with 4 columns, not the Meglos style.  Thanks!


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There are some good discussions on roundel sizing, and spacing between them in this thread:

There are some serious calculations, some dealing with the older roundels, but it's also got some of the later Classic roundels as well. And then this thread here (http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=1032.15) has some roundel measurement guesstimations that should help with the question of how big the roundels are.

Looking at the Colin Baker photos above, which are "Five Doctors" and later, it looks like the roundels' horizontal spacing is about the same as their vertical spacing. It just looks different because the roundels are staggered which creates an optical illusion of different spacing (like that diagram with the same-sized horizontal lines set against the converging vertical lines makes one horizontal line "look" longer than the other - rough facsimile of optical illusion diagram below).

                   /   \
                /         \
             /               \

If you draw vertical lines between the roundel edges in the Colin Baker pics, the side-to-side spacing between those roundels appears very close to the top-to-bottom spacing, especially in the first photo where the roundel wall is almost straight-on.

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