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K9 Picture History

Started by exleo, Jun 22, 2010, 09:28 pm

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Jun 22, 2010, 09:28 pm Last Edit: Jul 30, 2010, 12:20 am by Scarfwearer
This is a selection of pictures showing all the variations of K9 over his first 30 years from Doctor Who through to The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2....

First up K9 Mk I a light grey silver colour with a black back control panel as seen in the first story, The Invisible Enemy

then we move to K9 Mk II, the same prop but now a darker gunmetal grey in coulour. The back panel is now the same colour as the body but sits a little lower in the shell. This is from The Ribos Operation, K9 MkII's Forst Appearance..


The next is K9 Mk III as he appeared in his first story, K9 & Company, A Girls Best Friend. Again the same prop but now painted with a hint of blue, though in this story the neck tubing also appears to be metallic blue..


Next we go to an episode of Search Out Science in which the Doctor, Ace & K9 appeard together. This is still the same prop but he now appears to have a green tint, this may have been a filming error, but also the ears have been replaced with new versions that have ribs across them and the 3 inner loops have been removed


flaming cog

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Also by the time K9 Mk II leaves with Romana his rear controls are raised:


We next jump forward 18 years to 2006 and School Reunion...The K9 MkIII in this story was infact the original dummy prop refited with a new head and working parts and painted in rust spotted grey blue a shade lighter than when we last saw K9 MkIII, this version also has the ear loops back in place.

We now move onto K9 MkIV Which again is the original 1977 hero prop, it is looking old and a bit battered but it retains the new ears from Search Out Science, The Pint colour is back to K9 & Co Blue, though a little brighter

We finally move onto K9 MkIV in The Sarah Jane Adventures upto series 2, this is the same prop as school reunion and still the same original hero prop from the Invisible Enemy over 3 decades ago....The ears are the same as last seen....


By the time we come to The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 the original prop had some decent money spent on it and an overhaul was done of the electrics and drive system, I believe new ears were again made but of the original design with the 3 hoops, I'll need to check this better when the DVD is released and I can update with new photos......until then....

Good Boy K9


The rear control panel is infact removable and when the K9 prop is transported it is taken out until arrival so generally the level of it very much depends on how far in it is placed at any filming session ;D


exleo you know more then i did about all four k9's thats what got me at the time interested in making my mark 7 but he's been put on the back burnner for the moment cause i cant keep both of my builds going at the same time

but it was interesting reading everything you have about k9 thanks for sharing that


My pleasure Ravage, my research has been born out of always loving the metal mutt and being totally captured by it since it first appeared when I was but aged 10..lol....I even went to K9s 21st birthday party at longleat and was very pleased when I found the prop accidently forgotten and left behind Matt Irvines car while they were all indoors, a great opportunity for me to take lots of photographs closer than I ever thought possible, and of course a few of a 31 year old me alongside it ;D
I am currently working on a K9 Build for a forthcoming project featuring an updated and remodeled version of the K9 MkII that was left in E-Space along with Romana, I am having to build 3 all at the same time, a full functioning Hero Prop, a Stunt Prop and and Effects Prop, I'll be posting a build blog in a new topic just as soon as I am able to, they have to be completed by september so I'm being kept busy..lol
K9 MkVII sounds and intriguing idea, would love to see what design you have come up with :)


well that's answers my questions ;)


the latest k-9 on Five at the moment



does anyone have a better picture of the 1998 prototype for the Australian series?

why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


As a redesign I much prefered the 1998 prototype design which felt to me like it had some good design technology behind it...
I have real problems with the design they ended up with, it is just a bit too cute and far too small and the constant flying and hovering is just annoying...also the design puts K9 in a constant sitting position whether still or moving and that just makes him look like a dog wiping it's bum!!!

Nuff said ;D


Quote from: exleo on Jun 22, 2010, 09:45 pm

There is also a minor cosmetic change in addition to the ones already noted.  For a large part K9's ID tag appears to consist of a metal disc, but as pictured in Search out Science and the firs shot you've posted from The Sarah Jane Adventures, the tag has changed to that of a dog (they actually look like they could be the same tag).


How very observant Kingpin, I had completely missed that, and you are right, the dog tag worn by the original prop from the 'search out science' episode and certainly into the second series of the SJA is infact a K9 keyring tag, so he is wearing a little effigy of himself... The aged prop that was built for 'School Reunion' had the original round tag in place and then the K9 tag is back there on the original 70's prop at the end of the episode.....
Now thats an interesting search item for any K9 builders
Full Marks for observation ;D

flaming cog

I believe the tag was made by Matt Irvine, for a bit of fun after the K9 years ended in Dr Who. Then they wanted the dog back so it stayed.


why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.