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Started by mordrogyn, Jun 04, 2010, 05:08 pm

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Jun 04, 2010, 05:08 pm Last Edit: Jun 04, 2010, 05:10 pm by mordrogyn
Today I pulled out my phone door to look at the window frame again and realized finally that making this as one of the first doors I made was a mistake...

The phone pull door is 1/2" too short, making the stile above it 1/2" too low thus making the window hole above that 1/2" too tall.
As you can see from the pic the door has a twin, the other door I made at the same time.


The problem comes in where the bottom edge of the window frame shows too much, and so would not match any other windows, except for it's twin. (the bottom frame piece in propped or held there so you can see what I mean.)
The question is how to correct this in the easiest way.

I can't remove the stile as it is glued as well as screwed in place.

I can take a slice out of the bottom section of window frame to make it thinner OR cut the ply back carefully behind it so that the bottom of the frame sits further behind it, which is probably a better option that the first one due to the width of the frame and how much would be left after ripping it down some.

I do have another piece of ply with which I could rebuild the phone door with the addition of some more wood that I would need to go and buy, this is definitely the most expensive option and would mean I then would have the other panel left over which would then not match any other panel and so would show where ever I put it, though it could be hidden around back (I'd still know)

Does anyone have any other ideas on how I can quicklly, easily and cheaply fix this so that they won't look too different from the rest of the box?


Well... I attempted the cut some plywood method off, hoping that it doesn't make the windows look too big, still open to other ideas till I get to the point of actually fitting the windows, which will be some time early next week for these 2 panels


I think I'd glue a 1/2" piece of stile wood to the top of the stile above the phone door, which would even the windows up.

For extra credit, I'd cut a 1/2" off the bottom of the stile (which may not be easy...) then position the phone door with a 1/4" gap above and below. It's possible the gap above and below the door would show then too much, in which case I'd glue a 1/4" piece of wood to the top and bottom of the door. A little sanding and filler will hide the join enough to be covered well by paint.

It's going to be a bit of work however you tackle this one. All par for the course, though, when building a TARDIS. These things happen...

It's looking really good so far, though, so don't be discouraged.



I had actually considered the 1/2" on the top, just not sure how well that will work given the beveled edge there, slicing 1/2" from the bottom would be easier as there is no bevel around the phone door.

I'm not disheartened, just a little annoyed at myself, in much the way I was when I realized I had built a door upside down.
Because of the way I am having to buy supplies and put things together it does allow for the odd slip as I am not building all the pieces of a section at the same time.

Thanks for the advice, I shall see if I can create a piece that will slot into the window, the texturing should hide the joins, it's just typical though that I make this error on the side that shows the most... the doors lol


Sometimes I find it helps to press on with the project and come back to a problem later. You get some progress under your belt while you think of the best way to tackle the problem. Sometimes you think of a better solution while working on something else.



Could you adjust the entire door? add a strip to the bottom and cut the same amount off the opposite to match up a bit better with rest of windows?

Also, I was wondering if it would really be that noticeable. I realize that like so many things we do ourselves that /we/ notice, but all put together it may not stand out as you will mostly see each side independently. Mostly.


Jun 05, 2010, 12:51 am #6 Last Edit: Jun 05, 2010, 12:51 am by mordrogyn
well I am wondering how noticeable it will be myself, so afte the weekend when I get my hammered lexan I will make the windows for one of them and loose fit them, then create a window on a door that doesn't have the problem and stand them side by side to see.  Then if needs be I will see about using Crispin's suggestion to see if I can even them out


IF your door is taller than the opening it closes i.e. the top of the door is resting on the frame from the inside then you can lower the door a bit to match the other.


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