console build I am contemplating details on before starting. questions questions

Started by architect, May 04, 2010, 02:19 pm

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my idea is to build a station sort of that a DJ could set up at as a lot of club like events here are in a place with stages, and the DJ's often times end up on that stage. so why not make it a production. thus a tardis console that they set up their gear on and plug into to get to the venues sound system. This way when they are DJ'ing it will look a bit like they are the doctor or various characters flying the TARDIS.

my big question is would there be any serious issues with my doing this. legally speaking that is. would the BBC be put out? I know only they could say for certain but what do people here think? the unit would not be for sale, but it could be construed as being used to lure in prospective paying customers. on the other hand it would simply be a sort of decoration at the club and might promote the series netting the BBC and it's affiliate more DVD sales and possibly viewers of the episodes when they are aired here. As long as no one goes blasting me away with a cease and desist i will be building it soon so photos will follow when I start that. if they do then it will end up being my personal sound system station.

also to be honest I love all of the versions for one reason or another so it will probably be a conglomeration of all the features I love best of each design.
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I would think that as long as you weren't advertised as "Doctor Who DJ" or any variation that alludes to "Doctor Who", TARDIS, etc., you should be ok. I mean, I've seen catalogues offering what is so obviously a Neo coat from "The Matrix" that you'd have to be literally blind not to see it, complete with a Neo look-alike modelling it, yet they advertise it with a name that is very similar to "Matrix" or "Neo" without actually saying it's a Neo Matrix coat so they can't be sued.

You'd just have to think on it and try a few ideas out on friends (and this forum) and see what reactions you get.

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well I waited to long and now have another project I am torn between this and it. Anyone seen the captains chair on Destiny? (that would be stargate Universe) I am really wanting to build one of those too. and probably what I will end up doing is building both and pull parts I need for each that are the same (touchscreens computers and the like) and swapping them back and forth depending on which build I am using.

any one have any words that might make my choice easier? ;)
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I go to a Goth Industrial club on Saturday nights called Vertex - My vote is Tardis (I may be biased) but I have to say that the first 15 episodes of Universe sucked..... maybe if the people didn't pray to God every five minutes and get all Über Christian and it was less of an episode of big brother in space, maybe i'd take more notice .... etc .... =P Though now they have some Aliens and I'm starting to hear better things about the series.... Still, I say Tardis.
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I say go for a TARDIS console, if you need plans, just contact me privately and I'll send you any of the plans for a TARDIS console from the original Doctor Who series