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Started by pmc, Apr 07, 2010, 09:36 pm

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My understanding is this in not a show prop, but a promotional prop, hence the differences in what we have seen used on the show. How can they mis-spell free?
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Interestingly the prop that appeared at Toys R Us Brent Cross on 5 April, appears to be one of the screen used props. It has the correct signage fonts and an unbroken door handle...



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Quote from: DoctorWho8 on Apr 10, 2010, 07:42 am
My understanding is this in not a show prop, but a promotional prop, hence the differences in what we have seen used on the show. How can they mis-spell free?
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff

Not sure it was a accidental misspelling.  If you zoom in on that pic, you can see the outline of where the rest of the "E" used to be.  Looks like press-on vinyl lettering, where someone peeled part of the "E" off.  Also possible is that they had to replace the "E" completely, and all they had was an "F" to put back in it's place.

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Perhaps that is the Welsh spelling?

I also see that the door/wall construction has reverted back to a more classic box, note where the join is on the uprights to the stiles


Hello everyone, we got back from London yesterday so thought I'd post some additional information and thoughts.

Well last Wednesday was a bit of a good day on the Tardis/Doctor Who front. I started this post just half an hour after we met Matt Smith so was still in a bit of an excited state.

Earlier that day seeing the Tardis at the BBC just made me want one even more. One thing I will say, and I know most of you know this anyway, but the thing is big. It's not until you're standing beside it that you realise just how big it is.

I did try and get as many photos as I could and also close ups of the more detaild sections. It wasn't easy as there were quite a few people on our tour and also time was very limiting. I was a bit disappointed with the photo of the wife and me that we asked someone to take, I was hoping to get the whole Tardis in but he kind of missed the point and cropped it to hell.

I did think about dimensions but alas I didn't have a tape measure on me. I settled on getting in the shot so comparisons could be calculated. So for anyone wishing to do the math I have measured our heights with the same shoes on and my wife is 173.4cm and I am 188cm. I do have all the above pictures in better resolution (3648 x 2736 pixels) so if you would like a copy let me know and I can e-mail you them.

I did want to get some good shots of the lamp as this is the most difficult thing to see on any of the promotional photos, I was pleased with the ones I took. With regards to the lamp I think I may have made a bit of a discovery, so much so I have had to make a purchase.

I found these on the web at http://www.lightingathome.co.uk/massive-lighting/15270-86-10/new-haven-up-wall-lantern-p-3578.html


The cost is £42.30 + £5.95 postage. They are called Massive New Haven Up Wall Lantern. There are more upright rods than the four used on the Tardis lamp but looking at the picture I took you can see a small round indentation where perhaps one of these rods has been removed.

As the lamp is probably the most difficult thing to source I thought I'd buy one and hopefully kick start my build. I have been thinking about this for ages now, first it was going to be an NST then I leaned towards a TYJ box then maybe the movie prop. Anyway seeing the new Tardis last week has  solidified my thoughts and this is the one I want to build. My only thoughts are do I go full size or do I go for a reduced size box. My only reasoning is that full size is big and I worry that I may have trouble with the local planning authority as this can be a troublesome area here in the U.K. I would be interested in any other U.K. Tardis builders that may have any input on this.

Anyway thanks for all your comments on this post, one good thing that did come out of the Matt Smith meeting was that my wife was so impressed she is now a fan and this has the upside effect that she never wants to miss an episode  :)


Cheers Mate!

I still cannot get over your luck!  Thanks for the dimensions LOL that should help someone to get a good idea of the dimensions of the box.

As far as what to build, go full size! How can the planning authority question a police box replica?? its a prop not a building LOL. 


The planning thing is a thorny issue, but I reckon it can be avoided.
Make sure your neighbours are OK with the build, after all it's them that will have to live with it and are most likely to cause problems. Also, surely it's only a shed and sheds aren't subject to planning.
Well done on that lamp, I'm sure that's the one. A fresnel it may be and it's better than the first NST lamp, (And I export those) but I still find it ghastly, but that's just me, a met box purist  ;)
I see they've gone to the single screw handles, too. No wonder the large one has broken. I read that Matt Smith is incredibly clumsy and has broken four sonics and various console parts already, so that probably explains the broken handle  ;D
As for meeting him, that's unbelievable. He won't be able to hang like that for much longer, that's for sure.


At the Toys R Us event, that is a screen prop.  The one at the BBC is not, it' s a promotional dummy prop, with some differences to the screen props.  Our old friend Purple took his family out there and ended up being accosted by a BBC employee.  You can read his blog and see the pics at http://purpleblancmange.co.uk/ .
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I realize was covered earlier, but "pmc" kindly sent me his full sized photos and with the nice resolution I could tell there was more to the sign to see on closer inspection.

I'll link a cropped sign image at the end for reference.

Looks like the letters were dimensional as opposed to stickers. They have a shadow on them, and you can see the S in AssiStance has been lost and replaced by someone drawing it back in. The FRFE looks to be caused by part of the E being knocked off and it looks like an F replaced it only because the E on the end has also been lost and drawn back in, but has no shadow to make it appear thicker.



Yes the new box has raised lettering, but that photo is not of the screen prop...



Quote from: mordrogyn on Jun 02, 2010, 09:01 pm
Yes the new box has raised lettering, but that photo is not of the screen prop...

Thanks. I did know it wasn't a screen prop from this thread, but I haven't been able to find out what the differences are, though I did read there were differences. Is there info on the differences?


There is somewhat of a list on the forum, I believe it is in the "Matt Smith's TARDIS" thread


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The TV Centre is really a nice box, I really do love that one :) Quick question, and a slightly ood (sorry, couldn't resist) one, but it's been annoying me a bit recently. How tall was Matt when you met him? I've always laboured under the idea that he was rougly my height (6'0.5") but when I saw DW filming in Cardiff recently I could have sworn he was a hell of a lot shorter. Sorry, odd thing to say, it all stems from me wondering how out of scale CO toys are lol :)
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?


Hi there, well I'm 6'2" or 188cm, Looking at the photo of me and him it looks as though he may be round the 6 foot mark. He is bending slightly so I'll leave you to decide.

Paul - (PMC)