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Don't need Police Box or Console, I need the Other rooms

Started by dark phoenix, Mar 27, 2010, 10:22 am

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dark phoenix

There were many rooms shown inside the bowels of the tardis over the years from general living quarters to the Heart of the tardis. I need these rooms to make a complete semi canon tardis. I already have the police box and console rooms from many of the shows.

Problem is, I cannot seem to find a good (or any for that matter) archive of these types of rooms anyplace on the Net. The rooms I am making are virtual on Second Life ( An online social virtual world where you can build objects and buildings) I just need blueprints and pictures of the rooms to recreate them.

Can anyone help please?


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We don't have a lot at the moment.
What we have will be in the [ref board=26]Console Reference[/ref] section.
We have a topic for this: [ref topic=1031]Tardis interior general discussion[/ref], but it hasn't been brought over from the archive site yet (though of course you can still follow the link to old site from there until it's been imported).

The Fluid Link website has quite a few pictures of the TARDIS interior otehr rooms, but unfortunately it looks like they've had a web crash. Some of that site is available on the Internet Wayback Machine web archive, but I haven't found the tardis rooms stuff.

Gene Cowan has done something a bit like what you're describing here:
I don't think he's a member here though.

You could also ask on

Hope that helps,

dark phoenix

Yep, that's a start for giving me ideas. Thanks.


try watching the invasion of time
you see a lot of the tardis inside there

Rassilons Rod

A few episodes with the TARDIS interior...

The Edge of Destruction (rest room)
The Mind Robber (power room)
The Masque of Mandragora (corridors and secondary console room)
Logopolis (corridors, romana's room, cloisters)
Castrovalva (corridors, zero room, courtyard outside zero room)
Attack of the Cybermen (some corridors and another room where they are kept prisoner)
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Public Enema Number One.


You forgot Earthshock (Adric's Room) and Terminus (Nyssa's Room).
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Quote from: cardborduser on Mar 28, 2010, 06:47 am
try watching the invasion of time
you see a lot of the tardis inside there

LOL looks more like an old School Gym to me LOL....

Logopolis has a nice tour of the TARDIS!  So does the 1996 TV Movie..

dark phoenix

O.k... you guys are simple awesome. Thanks so much and I look forward to any more you folks dredge up.

Now my task is finding where to watch copies of all those shows.. LOL.. I should go out and find the DVD's