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Mold Making and Casting Links

Started by Darksyde, Aug 30, 2008, 03:40 pm

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Aug 30, 2008, 03:40 pm Last Edit: Feb 28, 2010, 01:19 pm by Scarfwearer
In my quest for a life size key to time I"ve been looking into makeing my own molds and castings. Here is a re-post from my project thread incase any else is interested in these products that isn't as interested in the key to time ;)

Here's where I purchased my first batch of oomoo. They carry the 30 but there is also an oomoo 40 which is a bit stiffer if I remember correctly. Both are on the smooth on site.


These are the two companies I mostly looked into




Both companies also have some great tutorial videos as well. You can find them on their site or on Youtube with a tap plastic search or smooth on search.

For the lazy people like me I suggest the Oomoo for molds that you don't need to last a long time and Tap-plastics silicone mold rubber for molds that will have the longest use life. Neither require pre-mold or pre-casting preperation of the parts like the cheaper polyurethain rubbers.

The Tap Silicone is harder to mix and is best used with a digital scale as it's ratio is different. 10 to 1 if I recall correctly. It also needs poured differently use the 'bombs away' method described in taps video unless you have the bucks to shell out for a vacum chamber. I may try this stuff next but Oomoo is just so much simpler.

You can also see that the standard Oomoo kit that I purchased will go quite a ways if you arn't doing something as large as key pieces. For screwdrivers and keys and what not one kit could do quite a few molds. It is best to get mulitples ready if you have them since no mold rubber has any apreciable shelf life once the seal is opened. It's pretty much use it or lose it.

Lastly, Tap has a clear plyester resin that I am going to try to make my parts our of in the end. But they also have dies and colors to tint that product. It could easly be used for scredriver lenses or any other clear or transusanct colored pieces.

This is a link to the clear casting plastic but it is available off the shelf at Michels craft store in the 16 and 32oz size cans so you don't have to wait for or pay for shipping.