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Scarfwearer's Console Room

Started by Scarfwearer, Mar 06, 2009, 09:43 am

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It's an amazing reproduction alright, if I had one I'd probably never leave the room.
Farewell Sarah Jane, you will be missed.

doctor varney

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Quote from: RocketIt's an amazing reproduction alright, if I had one I'd probably never leave the room.

Yeah, but I think you'd be tempted to stick your head out the door to see if the surroundings had changed.  ;D


lol, I would too. Then disappear back inside mumbling about the Time Lords messing with my dematerialisation circuit again...
Farewell Sarah Jane, you will be missed.


and then a working demat circuit would randomly materialize on top of the timecolumn, only to fade away again before you could grab it, just to annoy you.  And then k9 would come in through the doors and mumble something about rampaging daleks outside....
Or maybe not

end of line
The ultimate TARDIS of ultimate destiny.  Type 1012.  Now with extra duct tape.


I've warned the wife that when we finally buy a house with a nice basement I'll be doing something like this to it.  Surprisingly she agreed.


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While I was rooting around for something else, I ran across this photo, which I had intended to put up years ago (August 2009 is the date on the picture), but had somehow overlooked. As usual it's a panorama (stitching together of several photos).
While the console room was first completed in 2003, it's actually only spent about four of those years assembled, and the rest of the time stacked in the shed or garage. I'm hoping this will be the year I get started on assembly Version 3.


This is such a neat build.  And even though not screen accurate, I really love the two hooded scopes with the red Gallifreyan telemetry on them.  Quick question:  How tall are the roundels?  I had a scan of the build thread but didn't see it right away. 
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The roundels are about 5% larger than life, as is the console, so the roundel holes are 20.5" on a 24" spacing. The wall panels are 9' tall, and each column of roundels is 2' wide (This was my best guess at the time after a few evenings looking at screen caps.) It was also reasonably convenient from the materials standpoint - I wasn't that concerned about accuracy.
The real roundels were, I gather, the same design used for the Newbery console room. And those dimensions will apparently be coming real soon to a reference section near here... :)


Oooh.  About 20".  I like that.  IIRC, the Barachaki ones are more like 23-24", yes (Tony)? 

Anyway, since I'm guilty of shanghaiing things (as I always do) I'll try to put us back on track. 

Knowing how obsessive you can be and knowing how many things aren't screen accurate, given the lack of data in the days when you did the build, have you done any updates, retrofits, or 2.0s? 

Truth be told, the only thing I can think of is the console.  Actually I think one could have a lot of fun monkeying with the console.  You can lift out individual panels.  Or swap out the column.  Also, I think you either need to figure out a way to wire the remote for the viewscreen into the control panel or stick it in a pocket on the hatstand. 

Great hatstand, by the way.  I had a mediocre brass one a lifetime ago.  It is surprisingly hard to find the classic bentwood ones like you've got for any price these days. 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


Other than vacuum forming the roundels some time after the initial completion (when they were just flat), I haven't done much to the room itself between re-assemblies and dis-assemblies. The second location was a different shape, and so necessitated rebuilding the ceiling and rearranging the wall panels, though still not really matching the set in the show. Fixing the roundel diameter would mean starting again from scratch. The new location will have the door more central in the wall, and so will be laid out differently again.

The console has much more potential - still largely unrealised - as you point out. There's lots of swapability (is that a word?), though if I build alternative panels I'll have to decide up front whether I'm going to reduce the width to better match the original props. That would probably mean rebuilding the existing panels first... The central column cover is slightly larger than it should be even in proportion with the console itself (I compromised with the company that molded it), but not fixable without replacing it. That may be the deciding factor: it'll probably stay the way it is as far as scale is concerned.
As it is I'm as likely to be drawn more to build some completely different prop. :)

I've seen hatstands here in the UK that are a better match than the one I have. But they're expensive... Maybe one day I'll learn how to bend wood. :)

the mister

Can't remember if I've commented before but holy wow, this is such an impressive work! The whole thing looks so perfect and what an incredible effort and feat to build the entire room and so faithfully too. Love what you did with the ceiling.