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Found - Two Mark 5 Police Boxes

Started by starcross, Feb 26, 2010, 07:09 pm

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Quote from: deck5 on Jul 13, 2010, 11:32 pm
Quote from: deck5 on Jul 12, 2010, 11:00 pm
My guess: the Brachaki sign was a photo-collage of a real sign, then copied four times.

If I can be forgiven for quoting my own post, here's a photo that shows interesting evidence for the photo-collage idea:


WOW Nice colour shot of the Brachacki Build too bad it is kinda dark. Would love to see the Colour of blue.


And of course their reproduction Top Signs:

You would think that if they went to all the trouble to "reproduce" the original signs, which they sold off separately, then they'd do a bit better job of matching the original typeface. For that matter, since they had the old ones they could have had silk screens made right off the originals using a photographic process and screened new ones that were perfect matches. Sad.

Hope the rest of their restoration work was a bit better.

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Quote from: chunkymuscles on Jun 30, 2010, 09:09 pm
I just hope that it sees the light of day again, maybe do a bit of touring at conventions - too many props disappear, never to be seen again.

At least we got the console :D


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Its been a while since we've had news on these Boxes.

But it appears that this month that the restored Mark 3 Box has been sold!
Which is insane as it cost someone £25K to purchase unless they haggled significantly.

But the evidence is hard to ignore, it was spotted on a flatbed truck being delivered to parts unknown as of yet. However it was Spotted in Rochester UK. Which according to my maps is East of London.

Was it a Private Sale, or will we see it in a Museum for the Public to get close to?
Personally I want to see it in Public, so much less trouble when I go to measure these things.

Anyone know of any museums out that way?



It looks mighty nice next to the red phone booth.  KB's son's going to be all over this. ;)
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that picture of the classic red phone booth next to the blue box (needs more "stile") put a scene in my head, the Tardis lands, the Doctor walks out to survey the scene and realises the Chameleon circuit has engaged and the Tardis now looks like a red phone booth. (probably a cold-solder joint.) annoyed, he kicks it, and it changes back to a proper call box. satisfied, he walks off in search of adventure.

also the unpainted concrete ones would make a nice tomb for a Whovian!
It's always a matter of time...


So do we know whatever happened to these boxes? It's been a few years now for there to have been no news whatsoever ???

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Quote from: peted on Feb 28, 2010, 02:29 pm
They're all my pictures. :) I gave them all to the TARDIS library years ago

Just for the record ( reply 7, pictures above in reply 6 ) I took the picture on the left at Heathrow and the one on the right at Camden Town in the early seventies. I still have the negs and there are more
shots on the negs that I'll post when I get a moment to scan them and convert the neg image to positive.

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Still quite new here.

Can I link to YouTube ?

There is a 480p video of the two reclaimed boxes here:


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Quote from: dr hue on Apr 17, 2019, 04:11 pm
Still quite new here.

Can I link to YouTube ?

Not only can you link to YouTube, but if you use the "Tube" button (second from the left above the smileys), you'll get the [ youtube ][ /youtube ] brackets (though there will be no spaces between the actual brackets and the words; I had to put them in there to stop the Forum software from putting a blank player window in the post). Once you've clicked that button, you can paste your URL between them so you'll get the video in the embedded player so this (again without spaces):

[ youtube ]https://www. youtube .com/ watch?v=GCq_Pda_Rmc[ /youtube ]

becomes this:

and people can watch the vid without having to leave the Forum. (It's also a good thing to include the direct URL like you did above along with this method just in case something goes off with the embedded player, which does happen, but thankfully that's very rare.)

I hope this helps.

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Found this article from the Reading Evening Post September 30th 1970.

Could these have been the reclaimed Boxes?

The article says they they were painted light blue and had a heater inside.

One of the reclaimed boxes shows very light blue ( non standard colour ) paint.

The heater inside the reclaimed boxes may have been fitted by the Pool owners as they used these as changing rooms! I think most boxes just had a single 100 Watt bulb in the roof.


Not sure where the boxes originally stood.

Could they have been these:

Just noticed in reply #79 that the box shown has a large oblong window in the door.

The only MK5 I've ever seen like that is the one at Hendon Police Training College ??