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BritCon TARDISes

Started by TRFLoneCedar, May 07, 2024, 08:45 pm

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Attached are some photos of both TARDISes currently available to BritCon (Puget Sound area British SCI-FI, Fantasy, and Media convention, State of Washington, USA). They are presently stored and maintained  at a local horse farm (Lone Cedar Icelandic Horses, Grapeview WA) leading to that function of the farm being called 'Temporal Refit Facility Lone Cedar' (TRFLoneCedar for short). I did not personally build either of them, but I have extensively overhauled both. I'd like to thank this group for providing such a huge trove of TARDIS info. It makes informed maintenance decisions soooo much easier...

First up, TARDIS 'A':TARDIS A at TRF Lone Cedar.jpg

TARDIS 'A's look comes closest to one of the BBC's 'As-Built' (or perhaps just as likely 'As-Repaired') varients of the Barry Newberry design in use at the start of Peter Davison's era as the Doctor. It is slightly scaled down (about 90%). Most recently publically sighted at 'Norwescon 46', a local region Sci-Fi convention.

Second, TARDIS 'B':TARDIS B on the porch reduced.jpg

TARDIS 'B' most closely resembles an early 'new series' TARDIS and is (more or less) full size. TARDIS B's most recent public sighting occurred at 'BritCon 1' in 2022.

The most recent overhauls of both added DMX controlled lighting, some badly needed improvements for knock-down/transport/and reassembly, and some travel abuse-resistant beacon/signage storage cases.



Aha! Nice pictures!