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New Series TARDIS: Raised Wood Grain Texture

Started by Rassilons Rod, May 28, 2009, 02:21 pm

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Mar 01, 2010, 06:31 pm #15 Last Edit: Mar 01, 2010, 10:05 pm by mordrogyn
I have that exact brush :P

Your photo may provide a better reference, once it stops raining and I can pull my wood from under it's tarp.
I was expecting something that looked more like what Purple posted, I think I do have some of the effect I can see on yours.

is experimenting with a couple of blocks of wood in the sink while it's raining


It seems to me that there is a step missing or something in this process, and while I realize that every piece of wood is unique I am getting results in my tests similar to those pictured above, which is fine, except I'd much rather have results like purple got pictured below


Notice how the larger pattern in the wood shows through more also....
Anyone have any suggestions?




As it turns out it all comes down to pressure....
Previously when I tried it I was using too much which as well are removing the softer grain was filing down the harder, darker grain.

While killing 30 mins I thought I would go and try it again on a different post, this time using only slight pressure the darker grain remains.  It's not as obvious as on the photo from Purple's tutorial but I didn't do too much but I can definately feel the grain now and I think a few more passes and it will be more pronounced.


the classic, "less is more". your results look good, i was gonna suggest getting a wire brush for a drill. but it looks like you've solved the problem


I may still use one... that's just one post.. could do with a bit more doing to it and then there are 3 more like it... can you say arm ache lol


Found a good video on Shou Sugi Ban, the Japanese wood burning technique that brings out the grain.