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Could someone do a dematerialization tutorial???

Started by Volpone, Apr 14, 2017, 04:12 am

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So how hard/expensive is it to edit a video of a TARDIS dematerializing.  I feel my days in Portland Oregon drawing short.  Since I didn't think to stage a photo before the TARDIS was installed, I could never do a materialization/dematerialization video.  But since I'm planning to move, I can make a video of the TARDIS materializing here, dematerializing here, and then materializing and dematerializing at her new location. 

But if someone can quickly and easily tell me how to do it, it would save me maybe a half day puttering around on Google.  :)
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Sofia Fox

You can easily make a fade effect in Windows Movie Maker (sadly now completely discontinued) and make a decent looking fade like the classic series
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Yep, that's exactly how I do the effects for my TARDIS materialisation videos.

Basically you just need a photo with the TARDIS, and a photo without. For the best effect you need to make sure the camera is in exactly the same position (even the slightly movement shows up in the effect.)
Then you just need to open the images in Movie Maker, copy and paste until you have a few of each in sequence with a fade effect between each one, then insert the TARDIS sound effects over the top (for this I recommend either a YouTube channel called TARDIS SFX or the Yahoo group.)

After that it's just a matter of adjusting how long each image is on the screen for so that it matches up to the sound effects.

I hope some of this is helpful (and if you have any questions just feel free to ask.)

Kind regards, The14thDr :D

EDIT: An example of one of my materialisation videos:

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This is a great request, and with some good ideas responding, maybe this topic should be relocated to the http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?board=17.0 Section (that "place for tutorials on specialised topics")? Then as more ideas and suggestions come in they'll have a permanent home.

Just a thought.

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I'm sorry you're moving Volpone, hope its through choice  rather than necessity.

I guess it depends how technical you want or can get as to how you achieve the effect.

In the old days the shot of the TARDIS  was just gradually mixed with the shot of the same background with the original footage being faded out whilst the new footage was faded in.

In the modern world of computer CGI I'm fairly certain that they introduced an effect which made the dematerialisation give the effect that you could see the interior of the Police Box shell as the TARDIS left which would be a lot more work.

They also seem to have timed the dematerialisation so that it fades in and out in unison with the sound effect until finally disappearing. This is quite possible using modern home computer video editing.

What software do you intend using, and how competent are you? ( not meant to sound derogative)


Yeah, I'm not looking for fancy, just a cross-fade between the 2 shots.  Right now I'm not using anything.  Running Windows 7 with some clunky old 2002 image editing software from my 2.0MP Canon Elph, Libre Office, and assorted other things. 

So if there's a Web-based editing native to YouTube that I don't know about or somesuch, that's double-plus good. 

As for the move, yes, it is by choice.  Kind of.  I love the actual Pacific Northwest.  And I love my little house and my neighbors.  But I do not like the people that are moving to Portland and the politicians they elect and the laws they pass.  You can't have plastic grocery bags, a public bike rental boondoggle to-be, increased bottle and can deposit (combined with redemption that is difficult enough that it's cheaper to just write off the $$) 

I don't like that, for all the tax increases, they've done nothing to reduce traffic--in fact they've made it worse by closing existing lanes to turn into bike lanes (and then closing more existing lanes to put in barriers to protect the bike lanes).  And I don't like that the average income for the state won't get you vacant land, let alone a starter house, let alone a house that someone making average income would want to buy.  I don't like the homeless problem (that was created because our previous mayor's solution was "just let the homeless people do whatever they want and make things as convenient as possible for them which, amazingly, didn't reduce the number of homeless people)  and constant protests over every little offense. 

So I'm voting with my feet.  I apologize for getting political on such an apolitical board, but I'm a little sad to be leaving and burnt out and needed to vent.  To close on an apolitical and somewhat upbeat note, I'm also sad that Toyota stopped making the FJ Cruiser, because I wanted to buy an olive and black one, slap magnetic U.N.I.T. decals on the doors, get a trailer, and take the TARDIS to the McMinville UFO Festival some day.  I'd have also probably needed a brown beret.  Or an opera cloak. 
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If I didn't know any better I would have said you lived over here in the UK. Plastic bag charge, bike lanes, tax increases - defianelty UK!

As 14th Doctor showed, Microsoft Movie Maker would be very serviceable in allowing you to produce a simple cross fade, although more accurate would be Adobe Premiere.

If you get fed up of searching for software etc, drop me a message and I'll happily do it for you - I don't profess to be an expert and there are others more qualified to do it but still, the offers there.


I used a free program called Lightworks for mine:


Took a bit of time to work out how to get it to work, but I think it came out okay. As The14thDr says, keeping the camera still is absolutely paramount though. My before video and after video were done on different days (took me longer to figure out how to hang the new door than expected) and I had my phone wedged in a Lego holder on top of a pile of boxes which couldn't stay in the doorway overnight, so I marked the position of every box with masking tape and their positions on the floor so I could put it all back.

Didn't quite work out, but the difference is very slight. I'm lucky the lighting was similar, it would have been far better to get the before and after as close together as possible.

I took video rather than still photos because the light and sound come from my TARDIS door itself - hence the police siren in the background. I didn't know that was there on the day.

So I put both the before and after video onto the editing timeline on top of each other with only the audio from the before video.

Then I used an editing tool for the dissolve (I think fade means to head towards black, dissolve is moving from one image to another) where you can specify the transparency percentage of the dissolving image. I started with 100%, went to 60% back up to 80%, down to 50% ... and so on, to give the impression of fading in and out. I tried to time it to the light and sound but got bored.

It was largely trial and error but it worked okay in the end. I had no idea how to use the software beforehand but there are loads of tutorials and it wasn't that difficult to figure out. Pretty certain if I can do it anyone can!


Awesome.  I was specifically thinking of you when I made this thread.  I'd consider using still photos, but I don't know if there's software that will do that (dissolve from one still to another with sound)--hang on.  Yes there is.  Maybe.  I think I could do that with my ancient version of PowerPoint--dead easy. 

I think I'll try that for stills and also shoot video--and as much as I'd like to learn something new and do it myself, I just might take Mark up on his offer (although it would be a bit like in "Claws of Axos," where The Doctor admits he needs The Master's help to operate his TARDIS (not that I'm saying Mark is evil ;) )).
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
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the important thing is to make sure that the camera stayed in absolutely th exams position between takes, otherwise the effect is ruined..

I used Sony Vegas to edit the "before" and "after" takes together in my video; however it's such a simple process to mix the two shots together in an old-school materialisation nothing fancy is normally needed...

Sofia Fox

Yeah I created a few for my virtual exteriors and found if I take a shot first of the tardis landed and then take a picture, then keep the camera is the same place and right click and delete the model. Take a pic and undo the deletion. (Roblox works that way.) Then export them to Movie Maker and create the effect, add sounds. And boom! Simple animation. It looks like the current effect though. It's good enough for me.
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I laughed a lot about your comment AMD while looking for a suitable reply from the same episode I found this which seemed to sum up editing video clips nicely,

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Do you mean something like these?
If so, then yes I do know how to make remats.

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