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Mantamatt's changing TARDIS

Started by mantamatt, Apr 20, 2004, 12:00 am

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Apr 20, 2004, 12:00 am Last Edit: Jan 17, 2010, 09:33 pm by Scarfwearer
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this year: I didn't much like my attempt to fake concrete with artex and also
now decided on a darker blue so decided to strip back to the fibreglass. Also
chopped those chunky signs in half they were way too big at 3 inches wide.
Mantamatt2 20/04/2004

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Note the plastic gutter-style tubing for the lamp.
Mantamatt2 30/07/2003

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As I got it in nice-ish bright blue. Took me a while to realise the door
handle and lock were in the completely wrong position!
Mantamatt2 30/07/2003

high top
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"Adric angle"
Mantamatt2 30/07/2003

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I modified the lamp fitting to fit the more conservatively sized (6*7")
fresnel and used silicone gel to waterproof all gaps. The top domed bit is
from the bottom of a plastic salad container you might get from your sandwich
shop at lunchtime!
Mantamatt2 30/07/2003

Untitled Photo
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you can see the thinner signs here. Approx. 1 1/2 inch thick. Have made
better and more realistic caps for the top of the corner posts too. this
weekend being nice weather am going to do more work. may even start on the
corner post proper. current plan is to replace one at a time. will strongly
resist the urge to do half a job and not replace the one that no-one sees at
the back!
Mantamatt2 20/04/2004

corner post closeup
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I am really keen to get these posts in place. but because of the weight of
the things which I hadn't planned for I think it might be a good idea to
build some sort of frame to sturdy it up a bit as I'm not sure that I'm happy
with letting the fibreglass hold the weight by itself. want to get it done
though before the next load of rain comes down (tues/wednesday!)
Mantamatt2 25/04/2004

one side done
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So the change here is in the area between the top of the window and the the
beginning of the steps(from 3 1/2 inches - 4 inches), and between the steps
and the sign box ( from 2 1/2 inches to 4 inches) I think this pic
illustrates quite well the difference between the TPE sizing on the right and
the police box sizing on the left. You can see I got the steps slightly wrong
(in particular the middle step) I corrected this later.
Mantamatt2 28/05/2004

new steps/ window that opens
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Essentially this most recent change has been to create new stepped bits
beneath the signs so to correct all proportioning to be more like a police
box instead of the slightly odd halfway house TPE / OUAT decided on. This
meant moving the signboxes a couple inches north. This means that the posts
are now too short, but this is something I can leave to do at a later date
when I will change the other two posts adding height to the whole box. This
will move the roof up by at least two inches and correct the proportioning
some, and at this point I will decide whether to correct the deficiencies in
the roof itself. Also I remade all the windows, and in the process built one
so that it opens.
Mantamatt2 28/05/2004

TPE- Police Box plan
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this is the plan I'm currently working to. essentially, if you ignore the
extra 3 inches at the bottom of the wall on a Police box then from the
windows down the TPE and Police box are fairly similar.. The most noticeable
differences are above the windows, hence my new plan. I have corrected my TPE
up to the top of the signbox. I now need to think about how to change the
area above the signboxes. In this diagram you can see faintly where the TPE
roof currently is, and in harder pencil the changes I will need to make,
which are essentially the changes to the roof that Andy has already made to
his TPE.
Mantamatt2 28/05/2004

pull to open
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this is the signmaker's third attempt to get the sign right. It was supposed
to be like ironageman's effort but they couldn't get the detail right -
certain text isn't as big as it should be etc. It'll do for now though as I
haven't had a sign on it for more than a year I'm happy enough. The door now
opens, too!
Mantamatt2 30/06/2004

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I'm happier with the main signs though. Andy Blues helped me tons with this.
The signmakers did their best to get it as close as they could to the crich
box signs from photos. They glow up nicely when lit from the back.
Mantamatt2 30/06/2004

almost there
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On this picture I have moved the roof up by what I reckon to be two inches so
that the posts come above the sign boxes to show what it should look like at
the end. I haven't yet done this for real, though since it involves building
another two posts and extending the original ones - and may not get round to
doing that this year - might be moving.
Mantamatt2 30/06/2004

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