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3D Printing Console parts

Started by someoneinred, Feb 27, 2024, 11:22 pm

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Hi there!

I am in the midst of looking towards making a console from the Hartnell/Troughton era and was wondering if there are STL files of any of the console parts available? If not then Ill go down the old fashioned route of making them but it would save alot of time and effort aha

many thanks and kindest regards



Hi Ben,

I have a 3D model of the Hartnell-era console I can export STLs from- they'd probably just be good for static parts, though (I haven't modeled mechanical internals for the levers and slide switches yet.)


I have a handful of files made- sorry for the delay. I think I'll end up doing the lever bodies since I needed to put time into modifying the other models to print anyway. Hopefully they these print without many or any supports, and hopefully the pieces fit together properly (the tolerances were a guess since i don't have access to a printer right now).


I'll make another post when I've got more files made: provisionally I'll do the large and small levers, slide switches, and ventilation grilles.



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The rest of the files I mentioned are in (minus the slide switch, which I forgot about until rereading my post, so expect it eventually). I also did a multi-part (for more ease of painting) but static fast return switch. (It's static because I don't really know how the mechanism under the top cover worked and the little on-screen imagery of it was too low-resolution for me.)


As before, hopefully everything fits- and now, hopefully the levers actually turn the whole way and aren't too loose or tight. I wouldn't put it past me to mess that up.
A note on the large lever: its shaft is just a 1/4" cylinder, so I didn't model it