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Pipe Organ Tardis Console Concept

Started by elkad, Feb 09, 2024, 11:27 pm

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I had a concept idea for a Pipe Organ theme console, & need some help visualizing the the idea. I have no 3d software, & lousy when it comes to drawing detail. All I can do is describe what it looks like & ask if you can make something close to it, using your own style & detail.

The room will look cathedral like, musical keys circling the console with buttons, switches, & pedals underneath.  Copper pipes stretching from the center console, lights traveling up & down the inside of the circal of pipes. A swivel sheet music holder like board with a square video screen mounted in the center.

An organ as reference.



I looked at this picture when I thought of pipes stretching from the console. Maybe this will give you inspiration.



To be more specific, the pipes are pipe organ pipes.

636009818297742787-20160607-St-Lukes-NR01 edit.jpg


I can certainly see the attraction as a design concept for the console room. 

The idea of the console room being a cathedral like setting, and the function of the TARDIS being built all the way up the walls, not just in the centre (thinking of the pipes, not just the organ console) is a fascinating opportunity for a different take.