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Custom 15th Doctor Sonic

Started by SomeSortaBloke, Feb 03, 2024, 03:45 pm

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Personally I'm not a huge fan of the new sonic design, so I took a crack at making my own version while keeping to the style of what we've got now. Hope you guys like it!

Unfortunately my last video kinda fell through as the episode came out before I finished it, but if you'd like to see it still let me know :)


Here's a video of the design too



I would seriously want one if it was made as an actual screwdriver. 8}... Oops, excuse me, I'm drooling.


Nice.  I'm a fan of the classic Pertwee/Baker/Davison/McGann sonic.  So this appeals to me.  And actually, in its retracted/compacted form, it nods to the Troughton sonic, so it is a great tribute to the classic series sonic in all its iterations.  Very clever. 
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I agree this mock-prop is a beautiful thing, but (at the risk of being a nay-sayer) - I like the show 'moving forward' and am glad they did something original for Ncuti rather than re-hash an old design yet again. 

We have the boxsets.  I get plenty of nostalgia satisfaction, I also want - "I've never seen that, or even thought of that before" - some of it will fail, but to dare matters.

Meanwhile - your mock prop is indeed very 'wantable'.  Perhaps perfect if Ncuti's Doctor picks up a timelady(*) on his travels who needs their own sonic?

(* replace with any gender, including inbetween, or one of the 58 different sexes of Vartigan V).


While the purpose of this board is props, I'll risk a slight divergence into fictional in-universe functioning.  One of the drawbacks of the classic sonic is that there really weren't any controls to adjust settings.  The actor would maybe fiddle with it a bit before using it, like he was selecting a setting and I think they attempted adding a sort of dial in the Davison years, but overall there was no clear way to set what you wanted to do. 

I have some background in building radio antennae and you would optimize your reception by measuring your antenna to a factor of the wavelength of the frequency you wanted to send and receive on.  Or, if you're old enough to remember the old crystal radio sets, they'd have a little brass plunger (at least the one my Mom had) that you fiddled around with until you picked up a signal (as I type this, I realize that was probably the antenna). 

The telescoping sonic could work in that way--you adjust the length to tune the device.  Have a "forward" and a "reverse" button and you control the speed by how hard you push the button and it explains why a classic sonic doesn't have any ostensible controls.  (Maybe you do some fine-tuning by rotating each of the segments sort of the way you focus a spyglass*.) 

*I don't have a spyglass so I have no idea if they actually work that way or not.  I focus binoculars by turning the eyepieces (they're little cheap binoculars).   
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


I always liked the idea that the sonic was 'slightly telepathic' and it was more a question of the Doctor thinking what he wanted it to do and it would obey.

On the same basis, the TARDIS controls could change usage depending on what the Doctor was thinking that control would do when he/she fiddled with the control.

This has the advantage of fixing the numerous inconsistencies in usage.  Sure, physical controls could be used as well, but I love the idea of a combination of touch and telepathic control.

This is, of course, the madness of my own mind...  Your mileage may vary.