Series 5 Sonic Screwdriver Reference Images

Started by DoctorWho8, Jul 22, 2009, 03:48 am

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Is this definitely the new sonic or just part of the doc's new tool kit


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The bottom end of the new sonic looks like a cap to a jumbo permanent marker.
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Am I really the only one seeing this??


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Unless pod is correct ( ;D), I can't think what else it would be
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Something weird is going on with this new sonic because this pic I posted in another thread here. I'm not sure if it's the prop or toy or someone's custom interpretation.

Doesn't look like it can possibly open up and be this

Which doesn't look like it's the same emitter head as this picture


That would be the metal replica I think. Its really the only version. The claws open up, and slide which is these variations.

There are likely different versions at various states, much how there is a extended static and closed static Nine/Ten sonic as well :)


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Matt Smith brought along the new prop for his interview, it seems to be more elaborate than the prior one the emitter appears to have more moving parts Its around the 3:47 mark in part 1 of the interview


Close up look at a screen cap of the new Smith Sonic...sorry don't know who to credit for the photo...340x.jpg
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Really close up shots of the new sonic.




this ad features early artwork for the sonic toy apparently using the original prop in place of the toy.