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Tardis Black Box Recorder Log

Started by elkad, Sep 24, 2023, 09:46 pm

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I some ho have a feeling I made this subject before. Let me know if I have or someone else has. If not, I've bin wanting to make a Tardis Black Box Recorder Log from "Planet Of The Daleks" for a wile now. But info first.

The Tardis Black box log is manly an audio tape cassette holder with a couple static metal thread bobbins & a blue magnetic tape track guide. It dose have a grill on the top & two unknown black buttons, & inside is a complex circuit board. I don't have the image for that, but I know I have the image somewhere, I think.



Found it. Its a vague side view, & cant see the board clearly, but a quick fake circuit board will work.



If I could find a small micro motor & small reminder mp3 recorder. I could make the bobbins move & the tape play back quoats from the episode.