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1:6 Scale Metropolitan

Started by rainybox, Jun 17, 2022, 12:18 pm

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Andrew Harvey

Now that made me laugh!

 Glad the video was useful.


I'm having trouble with the windows. Does anyone here have any recommendations for materials/shops?


For my 1/6 TARDIS windows I use the plastic from milk bottles. It is usually pebbled to aid grip, and if you want the smooth glass you can just use the smooth surface from inside. I just wash out the bottles and cut them up into sheets.
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Andrew Harvey

Try Evergreens clear styrene sheets. Or failing that, use the clear plastic for pre- made salads like you get down the shop. Use PVA glue-it dries clear and can be cut excess can be cut away with a scalpel. Milk bottles are made from polythene type plastic and therefore do not take to glue very well-unless you coat them all over. One of my pet hates is polythene made stuff. I mentioned recently about those figures airfix make in that type of plastic. Think that was in the recent K-9 thread. You can always use a bit of tracing paper behind for the frosted parts, or print out on plain paper the pebbled effect.
  Dont know where to get Evergreens these days. (Our model shops are all closed except for the Railway one in Camborne- but that is here -not there!). I suppose they have a website.

  Hope that is of some use.

Andrew Harvey

Quote from: Andrew Harvey on Jun 28, 2022, 03:00 pmGood evening Wonder wheeler. If I ever manage to build a box I too would do a concrete one. Ages ago I put these pictures on the site showing the various different parts to a concrete box. You might find them very useful in the building of your box. Ive done a lot with concrete and cement over the years, and I do not think a dry mix is a good idea. A recent study of ancient cement dating to Roman times found that adding crushed sea shells to your mix makes a 'self repairing' cement. The calcium phosphate, or carbonates gradually release making the bonds between the mix stronger, just like how Lyme stone is formed.
  I hope I have worked this thing out correctly...I have not used it in ages....
Drawings of Concrete and Steel reinforcing in Police Box (4).jpgDrawings of Concrete and Steel reinforcing in Police Box (3).jpgDrawings of Concrete and Steel reinforcing in Police Box (16).jpgDrawings of Concrete and Steel reinforcing in Police Box (15).jpgDrawings of Concrete and Steel reinforcing in Police Box (13).jpg