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New, New TardisBuilders!

2017 Series10 foldabe Tardis F 1/6

Started by alextheyellowthing, Sep 08, 2023, 10:46 pm

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SO, this build has been planned for a long time, i'm still ironinc the kinks before going for the build, especially needed to source big woop palets and stuff. but should be comming befor the end of the year i hope.

Thanks to the amazing @The_TARD1Sman, this is one, if not the most research tardis i've been working on so far. All of my later builds have been greatly assisted in plann reffrence and knowledge by him, so it was about time to make him one as a thanks :)

That said, there is still a lot of planning left to do before any reall build can happen, so in the mean time, i'll keep you posted and send a few picture of test.
I've been testing some new stuff like Silicone molding, and i hope that will come usfull in this

See you later guys :)


So big work as begun!

Believe it or not, this is a TARDIS



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Little update, I've got all the major stuff done. All the sign boxes and signs, Doors are on home made hinges i tried to keep as screen acurate as possible. Got the amovible phone box.
Now I'm starting to make de d├ętails, like  the little bits of wood nerving that still comes through on some part of the actual F props, cracking and damages, water damages on the panels, etc...
For now I'm still deep in that phase, but up next will be finishing the roof, making the panels deciders, windows, and then I'll try and see how to fit in the electronics before painting

For now, pictures:



New update, we have color with a fail.
I had a Ral code for the actual paint for once. But the guy at the paint shop messed up the digit, tho he accidentally made a nice shade of blue!
And I painted most of the box at night and discovered it was the wrong shade in the next morning.....


So I tried to mix my self what would be a more similar shade, before going back to the paint shop and ask for a new mix and actually got one...
And what I came up with was actually not to bad

R2w is the mix I would have goe with if I didn't get a fixed mix, Ral Is the actual paint mix I got.

This is the current color

And then I moved on details like the deciders, the window frames, etc...

Also, I've messed up the door handles a few times, the process isn't the same as the 1/10th scales I'm used to make. I'm happy with the 3rd and final one.

3 and finalIMG_20231004_022132_664.jpgIMG_20231004_022117_637.jpg

Next I started working on the lamp. I've tried raisin casting with silicone for the first time, it's not perfect but good enough for a beat up prop.

And finally, I've hinged the phone pannel IMG_20231004_022214_055.jpgIMG_20231004_022211_494.jpg

And for now that's where I am.still a lot to do, the bulk of the build is obviously here, but it's always the last 20% of it that takes the longest time to make. Details, weathering, light fitting...
The transparency for the windows will be a bit tricky to get screen acurate, but I've got planes...


Oh, the curse of building a replica.  That blue you got was a very nice TARDIS blue.  I'd be sorely tempted to keep it rather than go with the "right" shade for the replica you're building. 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


Quote from: Volpone on Oct 04, 2023, 02:58 amOh, the curse of building a replica.  That blue you got was a very nice TARDIS blue.  I'd be sorely tempted to keep it rather than go with the "right" shade for the replica you're building. 

It was, I have the sample still tho, so for a custome later, why not. But this box is for someone else that know that box inside out, it needs to be the right blue.


You are doing great work.
Really accurate!


Andrew Harvey

Brilliant as always. I especially like the opaque glazing on the telephone cabinet door.


oh i cant wait for this beauty to be in my hands its looking so amazing so far


Ok,so not much as happened since last time... At least not much visible. But I'm trying my best at capturing the after filming series 10 look of the box and it's taking some time and long hard look at refrence pictures. It's the finals steps of the build and I don't want to mess up.
 I still have a bit to do with it, the weathering is not finished on the roof and back panel, the lighting system is still being studied, it needs a phone and a few more accessories and this thing will need an over all spray over with a satin clear coat.

But for now I think I've made enough progress to show.

So I left you with the lamp, it's painted and assembled, and for now works with a little battery pack that goes through a cable trap at the back (wich was on that prop btw)IMG_20231016_023206_914.jpgIMG_20231016_023200_262.jpg

I've started the weathering stage with the base, as it's the part with the most damage and the best documentation I had, so it made for good training IMG_20231016_023156_689.jpgIMG_20231016_023152_805.jpgIMG_20231016_023148_167.jpgIMG_20231016_023144_974.jpg also, I know the real prop base was hollow and had a metal frame with caster wheels under, but it was requested to me to make this box a tardis and not a prop replica, so the interior will try and look as much like it's bigger in the inside, and the bottom needed to be flat.IMG_20231016_023142_128.jpg

Bmnext I weatherzd the pannels, IMG_20231016_023130_399.jpgIMG_20231016_023121_917.jpgIMG_20231016_023112_635.jpgIMG_20231016_023109_957.jpg

Polished the metal bits wich forced me to make the final handle and the lock, and one of a few accessories IMG_20231016_023121_917.jpg IMG_20231016_022839_293.jpgIMG_20231016_023041_974.jpgIMG_20231016_022839_293.jpgIMG_20231016_022822_104.jpg

And then I painted the interior so the build looked a bit cleaner. IMG_20231016_023024_686.jpgIMG_20231016_023019_539.jpgIMG_20231016_023015_419.jpgIMG_20231016_023006_627.jpgIMG_20231016_023002_285.jpg

And that's were we currently are with F
IMG_20231016_022832_248.jpgIMG_20231016_022740_924.jpghere is a few pictures of the box outside, before the lock was made because I had a nice sky and sun sets so I couldn't resist. Also that bloody last part took me the entire afternoon to machine X)



Your stuff is sooo good.
Your pictures never cease to amaze me!!



shes perfect :D i cant wait to have it in my arms the progress of this box has been truly amazing


More pics
Some that follows my tardis pictures might recognise that place, it hasn't featured in a while because the weed growth was not to good for shooting miniatures. I've tried anyway hereIMG_20231016_190747_550.jpgIMG_20231016_190743_173.jpgIMG_20231016_190738_589.jpgIMG_20231016_190726_642.jpgIMG_20231016_190713_793.jpgIMG_20231016_190710_496.jpgIMG_20231016_190707_384.jpgIMG_20231016_190645_182.jpgIMG_20231016_190629_021.jpg


The weed growth seems to have aided in the realism, the box looks fantastic!


Quote from: MacktheTardisGuy on Oct 18, 2023, 09:41 pmThe weed growth seems to have aided in the realism, the box looks fantastic!

i've tried my best to take advantage of it for sur!
I'm glade it worked :)