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Ice Warrior Sonic Weapon Evolution

Started by elkad, Sep 03, 2023, 10:16 pm

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Before I start, this is just info I have, & appreciate anyone filling in the details.

The first Ice Warrior sonic weapon I seen was in "The Monster of Pelidon & the next in "Seeds of Death", & didn't know they were sonic until "Cold War". I thought, at the time, i thought the Ice Warrior's weapon was, like there name, an Ice Or Freeze gun. Not only that I didn't know the warriors were lizards in a bio mechanical suit until the Cold War episode. I thought the suit was there body. You learn soothing new every day.

Anyway, the first Ice Warrior was in, plainly enough, "Ice Warriors". A simple triangle like box with a lit acrylic block & rod.


The next evolution to the weapon was in "The Seeds Of Death", not to be confuse with seeds of doom, that's a completely different kettle, of salad dressing.
The weapon was a flashlight like tube that had the same rippling effect as the last. TIP: that effect was done by a reflective paper or aluminum of some sort. The camera man would reflect the camera off it, wile another prop guy from behind the reflective screen would drag his finger across, making the effect.


The Next one was a sort of sonic rifle one of the character's used to zap a traitorous ambassador, In "The Curse Of Peledon"


The next evolution is my personal favorite, because of the spinning helix acrylic rod inside, (Its on my Wish list of props to make.) >) "The Monster Of Peledon"
Witch also has the rippling effect. Anyone know what the silvery material they use is called? I'm thinking something slimier to the gold fabric you see in space shuttle movies, like reflective gold blankets.


I have a link to someone who has made a 3d printed version of the Monstor of Peledon Ice Warrior Sonic Gun.


The next two are from the new series, "Cold War & Empress Of Mars", wich were a sort of scale like claw tube that crushed its victims into a gruesome bouncy ball. (I don't have any pics of that effect.)

d13-11y-c132.jpgd14-13s-c307 edit.jpgd14-13s-c424.jpgd14-13s-c352.jpg


Oh, I forgot, I found an acrylic rod online that would work grate if anyone wold like the Idea of making a monster of peledon sonic gun.