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New, New TardisBuilders!

Russ and Mikes tardis

Started by russell glen, Apr 15, 2023, 08:35 pm

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Yes, the last few images are looking greyed out to me.
That usually happens when you don't do the final step of inserting the pics.


russell glen

Well with a bit of luck I have scored a wall mounted Bakelite telephone from a Police Station !!!
managed to knock the price down to sensible money
hopefully collect tomorrow, 45 mile round trip but will do the car good
I seem to recall that somebody makes a PCB to put the doctors voice into the earpiece
I wanted a wall mounted one as it takes up less space in the cabinet, and can be secured more easily

also will try to download some pictures of the clear flower pot and parts I am going to make the beacon out of

my drug treatment is getting easier to manage, so we have decided to keep franko for halloween and erect him in the nice clear workshop, then sell him afterwards

and if I have any nice dry days I will complete the assembly of the last three pillars, then make a frame to go inside at the top, so I can calculate the panel seizes, I plan to use decent ply but maybe only 6mm as I can brace it with the mouldings and additional timber inside
plan is to move it out on Christmas eve fully built, however my drive is quite steep, so we may have to settle for halfway

russell glen

as you can see, the shape of the pot is not far off, I will seal the holes over
also the LEDs were supposed to be blue but are in fact white, however they are remote control and can be set to slowly build up and turn off, much like an incandescent lamp
so I found some white plastic air vent pipe, and I plan to wind them around it, then the blue film designed for theatre lights will be applied to the inside of the pot, and the gap will allow a more natural looking colour frequency plus blue the fact that there are hundreds of little LEDs
I will make that as soon as I have finished cleaning my brushes my workshop is looking very tidy now
I have to faff about with the wooden bits to make the top and bottom of the lamp, but thats a doddle with hand tools

russell glen

well in spite of the health stuff I am staying focused
and also finding out how many nice people are around
I am busy sorting out Franko for Halloween, he is being built up in a grotto in my workshop
spent all day yesterday tidying the wiring up as it was rather rushed last time due to my helpers turning up late ( as usual)
but on the upside, I managed to source a wall mounted phone from a nice chap for a very reasonable price, and to top it all off, it came from the Old Wickwar Police house which he used to own, he was quite tickled that it was going into a police box, if I find another I will donate it to the police archive, I might fit a perspex screen inside the door to protect it

russell glen

the origional phone from Wickwar Police house, the number would have been the same as the Police station next door

russell glen

russell glen

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after a few weeks work ( when I feel up to it) the grotto is complete and ready to instill fear and terrror amongst the youth of the area
his audio circuits and valves are working well
and he has the company of some little boglins and various dead things
I have created a safe area in the workshop ( so the local kids cant nick anything) and its all a one button operation for the very first time ever
we even have a hide set up with a resident tramp in the shape of Mayor Khan, after all no one else would want the slippery evasive money minded lawyer staying with them !!
I have contacted a local auction house, and hopefully after the event he can be moved on, then I can get back to the Tardis
while sorting out the rest of the workshop, I have located lots of other parts I can use, and will store them in boxes ready to to use
I hate poor organisation and wasting time looking for stuff

DTrasler Writing

They show up on my screen as washed-out. I'll post a screenshot.